Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Fun & Lots of Photos

Our Labor Day weekend started out with football on t.v. First AD watched the OSU game and kept commenting on how they were "really stinking it up". I told him he'd better be careful because OU still had their game to play. (We're a divided family when it comes to OU and OSU.)

The Pokes won! Yea!

And then the Sooners played. I happened to take this picture just as OU scored their 1st touchdown of the season, and as it turned out, their only touchdown of the game. I am an OSU fan but I really hope Bradford gets better really quickly.

AD didn't get to watch much of the game because we had to get to the boys' races. This weekend G2 was racing both his pure stock and his turf car. G1 raced his turf car too. I couldn't get any pictures of either of them racing because I was videoing but this is a picture of both boys in the pure stock as G2 helped to "pack the track".

Dwarf cars also race at this particular track. I think those cars are just cuter than bugs' ears!

AD and I aren't really "spur of the moment" people. We like to have things planned. Guess who's in charge of all the planning? Well - it isn't AD.

On Friday however we did something quite out of the ordinary. After confirming G1 would be available to stay at the house and dog sit, we decided to make a short trip over to Branson after church on Sunday. Just a short trip - over on Sunday, come back on Monday afternoon.

We haven't been to Branson in a couple of years! Let me just point out that from the time our kids were little we would make at least 1 trip to Branson each year. Then after we bought our first 5th wheel we were there about once a month from March thru November. So this trip was way overdue.

It was like going home.

On our way to Branson there's a creek named Pumpkin Creek. A picture of the sign and the creek was in order since fall is on the way.

The sign

The creek (although I think it looks more like a small river than a creek!)

After about 3 hours we got our first glimpse of Branson's Labor Day traffic

About all we were able to do was some shopping. We got there too late to get tickets for any shows and we were leaving too early on Monday to see any shows.

This is the backside of Branson Landing. It's a fairly new shopping area down by the river. There are no pictures of the stores because I didn't want to carry my camera. I planned on shopping!

There was a new store that we'd never heard of before called "Ridemakerz". It's kind of a boys' version of Build-a-Bear. Boys of all sizes and ages - as well as girls, I would think - can pick out a car and add all kinds of accessories from wheels to sounds. It really is a cool store and one I think any boy would find fun.

A better picture of the river

Besides shopping it was just fun to relive old memories of other trips. This is Dick's 5 and 10. It's in old downtown Branson (walking distance from Branson Landing if you're up for it.) Dick's is quaint and just like an old 5-and-dime. And it's always crowded!

One of the newer things to do in Branson is to take a tour of the Titanic museum. I'm actually the only one in the family who has taken the tour. It was fantastic and the day I was there happened to be the anniversary of the sinking. I'm a planner but that was one item that got by me.

G1 and G2 wanted to play miniature golf the day I went. It's probably a good thing too because they called me twice to see if I was ready to be picked up. When I said no, they were pretty happy because that meant they could play more miniature golf.

Branson is known for its shows and Jim Stafford's is one of the best. Even G1 and G2 had a good time when they went several years ago. They still talk about "seein' ole' Jim" and how funny his show was.

Another one of the things the boys like to do in the summer is go to White Water. There's all kinds of water rides. Personally I like the lazy river. I don't know if this last weekend was the end of their season or not but there were a lot of people enjoying the park.

There are lots of miniature golf courses in Branson. This one is really fun. It offers two different courses. (The pool belongs to the motel next door.)

Before G1 and G2 raced real cars they loved the go-carts at Branson. The Lumber Jack is their favorite track.

There are lots of places in Branson where they make fudge. Grand Country is Daughter's favorite place to buy some.

The Ducks are a favorite ride. They not only drive you out to the lake but into the lake too. G2 always tries to make sure he sits in the back of the car on the driver's side so he can roll down the window and wave at the folks on the Duck as they drive down the strip. I don't know which he enjoys more - waving at the folks or the fact that he's embarrassing his brother at the same time.

The Dixie Stampede is a great place for food and entertainment. We've been there numerous times and the boys are always ready to go back. The food is great and the entertainment is out of this world. Christmas time is the very best time to go in my opinion. Not only do they have the regular show but they also have a live Nativity. One thing I find particularly interesting is when the wise men come in riding on their camels and then watching the camels lay down for the them to disembark.

Only Son and his wife have been to Ripley's Believe It or Not. The building is one that draws a lot of attention.

The highway leading out from Branson to Silver Dollar City is not only curvy but hilly too. We can remember when this highway was only a 2 lane road - and not a very good one at that!

Years ago when the road was only 2 lanes we were coming back into town after a day in "the City" and it was terribly, terribly foggy. That trip back to our motel was scarier than any ride I'd ever been on!

We were on our way home as I took this picture of Highway 76.

Coming into Springfield I noticed a sign for Andy's Custard. I've heard about it many times but had never been to one. I'd also heard about "concretes" but never tried one. AD said if we saw it before our turn off that we'd stop. Then there it was - this big red and yellow sign RIGHT BEFORE our turn off. WOO! HOO!

I don't know for sure but I'm thinking this must be a new location because when we got close the traffic looked like this trying to get into Andy's - and we were on the highway.

Eventually we were in line and when we were finally close enough to read the menu I saw a sign that said that the "Askinosie Woo Hoo" concrete was now there to stay. I checked description and it said it was vanilla custard with Askinosie dark chocolate nibs swirled into it. Now I'm all about dark chocolate so I looked no further than that. It was de-lish! What better way to start the closing of our trip than with a Woo Hoo!!!!!!

The trip was a short one but lots of fun!

I hope each of you had a wonderful Labor Day holiday too.


  1. Ah, great photos! I haven't been to Branson in years & years. I didn't even know they've built a riverwalk! Way cool. Rick & I have been thinking of a short motorcycle trip...you've given me ideas!

  2. I love Branson. I got to Dick's every time we go there. That's where I get the tea towels that I embroider.

  3. Thanks for taking me on a trip! I mean your story line and photos made me feel like I was really there! I have never been to Branson. But I would enjoy it I think!
    Like you, I am a planner ....Just like that..I have to know what I am doing everyday it seems. Every hour really..Planned.
    I grew up around frozen custard stands but the concrete is new to me. Dont know what that is exactly but yours was chocolate so it had to be GOOD!!
    Thanks again for the post..

  4. I like to plan.

    He likes spur of the moment; let's pack and go.

    Oooh! That fudge place.

    Reminds me that I haven't eaten my daily requirement of chocolate yet.

    Thanks for letting me take this little trip with you.

    Sweet dreams.

  5. Great story and photos. Never been to Branson but I could go for one of those frozen thingies. And yes, I do watch DWTS! A guilty pleasure, but I love the dancing and the costumes. Less than 2 weeks away!

  6. That was fun to read since we just returned from there and I just met you!

    Some recommendations from our trips:
    Bumper Boats!
    Pierce Arrow Show~very appropriate for the G's
    Farmhouse Cafe; near Dicks

    I also read the other Branson entry and hope I can find the entry about the miracles! Also, your camera takes great pictures! We go so often, I hardly take them anymore. We camp under the bridge by Branson Landing so the hubster can fish right there.

    btw~if you will send me your email in a comment I will not publish that comment and send you an email so that we could be in touch without the
    whole world reading along??? ;o)