Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hunting For Fairies

With all the rain that we've had recently, toad stools are popping up everywhere. Yesterday afternoon seemed like a good time to go fairy hunting.

After all, I believe fairies use mushrooms for tables and chairs, don't they? Maybe the fairies would consider using toad stools somehow too.

This toad stool was kind of pointy - probably too hard to stay seated on. The fairies would slide right off. Oh! Maybe they use toad stools to play on.

But this toad stood has a very firm foundation. Maybe tomorrow the top will open up more and it will be more suitable for use as a chair or a table by the fairies.

Now here's a toad stool that's just beginning to open. Maybe the fairies will use it for shelter.

Oh, but look at this one hidden in the grass! Let's have a closer look underneath.

Nope - no fairies here. But maybe they're off riding on the backs of the grasshoppers or toads. Do they do that? Or maybe they're off sleeping so they can dance under the stars tonight.

I "googled" fairy lore and found From the word spellings I think it must be a British website. There's some interesting information on fairies there.

Like how to attract fairies to your garden:

"There are several ways to attract the wee folk to your home. First you need to decide what type of faery you hope to attract. If you hope to attract flower and garden faeries you need to have some of their favorite plants around. Some of these are: Foxgloves Fairy like to make their clothing from them. Ferns these make nice soft beds for the little guys. Apple and or Oak trees Fae often inhabit these trees. The oak is held sacred by many of them. Tulips the faery like to use the tulip bloom to put their babies to bed. Rosemary, heartsease, forget-me-nots are some others. While there are many others that fairy like these are some of their favorites. You can also build a little faery house from twigs, stones, crystals or other items found in nature. Put a crystal on the house to attract the faery to it. Place it in your garden and soon a faery may make it home. Faery are attracted to bright and beautiful things. Oh and very important, if you want to keep the wee folk around keep the cat out of the garden!"

and how to attract fairies to your house:

"Fairy love honey cakes, honeyed milk or plain milk and sweet butter. Put some of the above in a bowl or plate and put outside on a stoop or in your kitchen. Don't be dismayed should you wake in the morning and find it still there. Though it may appear untouched, the fairy may have taken nourishment from the food's essence. They will often leave the food for their animal friends to enjoy. Most house fairy (elves, pixies, brownies) are very fussy about the homes they live in. It is important to keep your home clean and clutter free (sometimes they will lend a helping hand). They won't stick around long if you are a foul tempered person or unpleasant to animals and children. Most Fairies are offended by a spoken thank you. Leave them food or trinkets as thanks. One you've offended one of the wee folk they will leave and never return. Enjoy your small house guests. Most can be helpful and often playful. Some are quite fond of playing pranks. A happy home is a home with Fairy."

Sometimes it's fun to pretend, isn't it?


  1. Thank you for the little treat of pretend...

    I enjoyed it...


  2. So awesome. Love the photos!

  3. So were you laying down on the ground when you took those? I've done that myself on occasion and then had trouble getting back up. We had a fairy ring of toadstools once. Thanks for letting us pretend along with you...