Friday, September 18, 2009

Freaky Friday

After debating the issue with myself I decided to go ahead and post the kinda gross picture I took the other evening.

It's of a dead rat but this rat died in a peculiar manner. I really don't know if the rat was male or female. I didn't get close enough to check its - um - credentials but let's just go with the male gender.

Was the scenario one of a very tired rat being chased through the fields by Mikey and his sidekick, Cosmo, and so he just made the decision to end it all himself?


Was Mikey playing with the little guy flinging him through the air like he's done with other rats but this one landed just right - or wrong from the rat's point of view?


Did he somehow escape the grip of a passing bird and so landed this way?

It will forever remain a mystery.


  1. Honestly, I think he decided to just end it all himself. I mean, think about it: if you were a three-inch long rodent, constantly on guard against two GIGANTIC dogs that you have seen attack, toss around, bat back-and-forth, and then finally EAT your brothers and sisters--and this doesn't even begin to touch on the hawks and other birds of prey that you have to constantly watch out for--well... I'm betting it was either drink heavily or just end it all. And since rats can't burp or fart, drinking yourself silly is out. It would be far easier to just end it all in the most spectacular way possible.

    So he hung himself up there.

    Just to make you ask questions.

    Well, that and to get you to take his picture so that all the world will know what Mickey, Cosmo, and the birds (those awful BIRDS!) had done to him.

    Like the man always says: if you're going to go out, do it in a blaze of glory!


  2. I say it was the work of the fairies..This rat had taken over many of the little communities that the fairies had been trying to establish. It was a rat race!! Build something and then just to have it ramsacked by this terrible rat..So one night.. by the light of the moon...They set a trap. They put some sleeping powder on some cheese..knocked the rat out...took him to the fence line and hung him up. When he awoke from his deep sleep, he was startled to find himself in this prediciment. He found a note tied to his ankle that warned him to stay away from the fairies communities...He vowed then and there to never trespass on this part of the county again.
    And he left the area. Never the wiser that Oklahoma Granny had taken his picture in that precarious positon and posted it for the whole world to see...

    Gee..where did all that come from? :)

    I'll be off all next week..but will try to come by and see what your writing about..

    I think it was GOOD that you posted the picture. And the moon in the backround..weird but interesting...And Im sure I will be thinking JUST how did he get there...hmmm...

  3. Melinda, I bet that is exactly what happened! Thanks for my afternoon laugh. Stay safe next week.

  4. This is typical of what a shrike will do (it's a bird -- Google it) It catches small animals and reptiles and hangs it on barbed wire. Great shot! I am glad you posted this.

  5. I am coming across like a "know-it-all" aren't I. I could be totally wrong about the rat on the wire. At any rate, there is a whole blog about the shrike at

  6. Leilani Lee, WOW! Thanks for that information. I looked up a picture of a shrike and showed it to my husband along with your explanation. We're going to have to do some bird watching. I love learning new things!

  7. That is pretty darn gross and very, very strange....

  8. perhaps he has worked in my office.