Monday, September 28, 2009

A Weekend Filled with Grandkids

Son came for a visit this weekend because we were having a mini family reunion for AD's mother's birthday on Sunday.

After they got in on Friday evening, the Disney Candy Land game was brought out for them to play.

On Saturday morning I went with Son and the kids to Lowe's so they could build a fire engine. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the kids assembling their trucks.
There was a real fire truck there too. They raised the ladder as high as it would go. Then 2 firemen climbed all the way to the top - each carrying a pumpkin.

People were saying the firemen were going to drop the pumpkins. I really didn't think they'd do it, but they sure did.

Boy, did those pumpkins make big splats! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the squashed pumpkins.

After that, we drove out to Woolaroc. Son thought the kids would enjoy it and he wanted to share some of his favorite memories of Woolaroc with them. Me too - me too! I wanted to share some of my favorite childhood memories with them too.

Buffalo roam free on the grounds. Son and I took lots of pictures of them and the other animals. This is one of my favorite shots that Son took. This buffalo decided to walk down those rocks and it was very interesting to watch just how he did it.

Then we finally got to the museum. It's like "coming home" to me. That light blue area there by the doors is all mosaic and shows Native American figures.

Those cannon-looking things are telescopes. They aren't usually there but Woolaroc was hosting a special "Sun-day on Saturday" this weekend. The telescopes were set up with special filters for viewing the sun.

Inside the museum Son and I shared our special memories with the kids. Son has always liked this elephant head.

Ever since I was a little girl I've always enjoyed watching this mechanical Indian dance. Back in the day there was a button you could push to watch the figures dance. Now you have to ask an attendant to turn it on. (Please excuse the bad coloring of the photos. There's no flash allowed in the museum and this is the best I could do with my color correcting software.)

This stage coach was actually in service between 1869 and 1912. Years ago when I was a little girl and Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were tv heroes, kids could actually play on this stage coach. My sister and I used to have a good time climbing on it.

The museum is filled with western art. I have many favorites, but this is probably my favorite-ist one of all.

Once outside again, the kids took advantage of the chance to look at the sun through the telescopes.

Woolaroc also has a petting zoo. Among other animals, they have goats, sheep, a miniature horse, some burros and this llama. The attendant said this particular llama didn't know how to spit and it didn't bite. I think it also liked to have it's picture taken because I got several good shots of it.

I think everyone had a good day at Woolaroc but the day wasn't over yet.

G1 and G2 were racing at the track closest to home. G3 and G4 made it through their cousins' heat races but they were pretty tuckered out so Son took them back to the house for some much needed rest for the party on Sunday.

It's a good thing they did too because AD and I left the races right after the boys finished theirs and it was little before 1:00 am then. We just couldn't make it through the rest of the races.

G2 won both the Pure Stock race and the Turf race. G1 placed 3rd in the Turf race. I think if G1 had had a few more laps he might have given his brother a run for his money.

The birthday party on Sunday went well. And I slept really, really well last night!


  1. I just love Woolaroc and you know what? I remember that painting vividly..! Wouldnt you just know it??? Do you think the shrunken heads are creepy? They are!!!
    The petting zoo is ALWAYS my favorite!!
    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Wow what an awesome and exhausting day!! Looks like such a great time. Love that painting too!!

  3. I have so many wonderful memories of going to museums when I was a child (I can still remember a famous painting in the museum of these men in a very small boat in a storm at sea) Thanks for sharing your memories of this lovely day. Did my heart even more good to see your grandkids taking in the exhibits and also playing Candyland, a game I played as a kid (and which my boy played too). A game that did not involve computers or electronic devices. Good for you. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. What a fun day! It must be so interesting to live in your part of the country. Buffalo are cool.

  5. I am just now getting caught up on your blog... I hadn't got to read since you made the racing car cake. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your entries. I love old barns (and fences), everything British and especially Woolaroc (my grandmother worked there in the 30's... I need to write about that!). And you know how much I love your recipes... I just might be inspired to start cooking a little more again. Thank you dear friend for your inspiration, your creativity and for being 'you'. (((((hugs)))))

  6. We had a great time there on Saturday. The boys are excited about us going back (just the three of us) so we can go on the hiking trails.

    The shrunken heads are creepy? I never thought that. In fact, they've always sorta fascinated me.

    If you want to talk about creepy, I was always more wigged out by the the funeral scene in the diorama case. On one end, there's a building there. Inside it, there's a little table with a dead guy laying on it. At the end of the table, there's a dead dog laying there. I'll never forget having to walk through that museum with a guide (I was in grade school), and the guide told us that the tribe killed the dog so that it would be with its master in the afterlife, aiding him in the "Great Hunt." That always bothered me... Well, that and, in the Indian dancer model that we used to push the button to start, there's the one dancer with the gigantic jewel stuck between his buttcheeks. That's just wrong on so many different levels.

  7. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!
    I love that stagecoach.