Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As We Go Rolling Along

One of the ways I like to pass the time when AD and I are driving down the road is to look for old barns. There's just something about them that calls to me and I've always thought that I should have my camera ready to snap pictures of them. Up until this past weekend I haven't ever done that. Don't know why - I just hadn't.

As it turned out I took pictures of over 20 barns on our trip to Branson. There are many more between here and there but sometimes we just came upon barns and I wasn't quick enough on the snap.

Here are 5 of my favorites. Please know that I was taking them through a bug splattered windshield and out my rolled-up window. If you see some glare or bits of bugs or the photo isn't too straight, just know the pictures were taken while we were going about 65-70 mph. Some cropping and a little bit of color correction was done to make the pictures a tiny bit better than straight out of the camera.

Old barn wood is just plain lovely to me.

Peeling barn paint appeals me too - no pun intended, yeah, right!

Silos are pretty neat too even if they are no longer of any use.

Seeing the old in the shadow of the new made a good photo.

This barn is obviously falling down but the fact that the photo was taken at an angle didn't help matters any. There was only so much correction that could be done.

Obviously I don't know the owners of any of these barns but if you happen to recognize one - and what a coincidence that would be - please let the owner know that I think their barn is wonderful.

That concludes the tour of Kansas and Missouri barns for today. Plans are to post a few more sometime soon.


  1. Yet another thing we have in common ..I LOVE old barns...I DONT have an old barn but a metal one..alas. Your pictures are wonderful as usual...

  2. These barns appeal to me also, as do those tiny little one- or two-room houses sitting all by their lonesomes in fields along the side of country roads.