Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Yesterday is rained and there were lots of thick clouds. That meant our internet was down the biggest part of the day.

So I had lots of time to clean house, try a new recipe which was WAY GOOD (I'll share it sometime soon) and catch our 3 inside kids asleep in their favorite places.

Elliott spends a great deal of the day under our bed, usually with only his nose sticking out from under the dust ruffle. Yesterday I was able to catch a photo with a little more of his face.

Smoke likes to lay on his back on the couch.

Dani doesn't look a bit comfortable in this little dog bed but this is how she likes to sleep during the day. We originally bought this Build-a-Bear bed for Elliott when he first came to live with us. Then, when Smoke came we bought a second bed just like the first one. Smoke eventually out grew it and Dani took it over when she came into the family. Elliott can still fit in one and occasionally you'll find him in one and Dani in the other.

At night all three of them sleep in our bed. Elliott and Smoke have their favorite spots. Elliott is at the head of the bed between AD and me and Smoke lays at my feet. Smoke gets very upset if anyone moves near his space!

Dani wanders around the bed, sleeping here and there. Regardless of where she lites on the bed, she wants either AD or me to be touching her. If we don't, she whines until we do. Sometimes she jumps off the bed and sleeps on the floor for awhile. Then when she's tired of the floor, she whines until AD or I get up and put her back on the bed. She's one spoiled kid!

That's how our kids sleep. How about yours?


  1. Lightning lays in the middle of my back, so he helps me stay warm. Sally sleeps between my knees. Between the two of them, I can't move a muscle or they get upset with me.

  2. Our kid is locked up in kitty prison at night, R's old office, which is now a large room housing the pantry, a study area, and our son's bedroom. She often sleeps up on top of one of the food storage shelves. When I was in Calif for a week, she slept like a lamb on the bed with R, but we know from past experience she won't do that when I am home. Oh no. She is up at 3 a.m. meowing, making a nuisance of herself...

  3. During the day, Marley is either outside with the *shop dogs* in shop or in their outside pen in that dog house. BOB is on back of couch waiting for one of us to get home. If Mickey is home he is with him wherever that may be..outside or on the recliner.
    At night both Bob and Marley are in the bed MUCH to my husbands dismay..I wont have it any other way ...Bob is between us with either his head or back feet on a pillow..whichever.
    Marley starts on top of the comforter at my feet then gets up at some time and then comes to my side of the bed for me to lift her up and she goes under the cover by me...Every night same story..no exceptions..Marley cannot jump...
    I just LOVE your dogs!!

  4. My goodness! Aren't your dogs darling! I love that couch too!

    I just realized that with the death of our friend I forgot all about the award you gave me! Sorry about that!

  5. Oh, don't they look happy as pigs in mud? Sophie sleeps by the front door, ever-watchful and ever-snoring!