Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At Just the Right Time

There's a small half-bath just as you walk in our back door. It's AD's bathroom mainly because that's where he washes up when he comes in from working outside.

Since it's his bathroom, it's decorated with his two favorite sports themes - OU sports and racing.

The little plaque on the wall just above the stool is one AD got when he did a ride-around at Daytona Speedway in 2006. The figurines are of Richard Petty, his favorite Nascar driver of all time.

There's no M&Ms in the dispenser. AD received it as a gift and it fit the theme so we used it here.

The OU poster print was made from hundreds of photos taken around OU. The clocks are photos of G1 and G2 when they were racing karts.

The collage frames are really neat because it's easy to change out photos whenever the mood strikes. Up until yesterday there were several that held no pictures.

Weekend after next we're having family in to celebrate AD's mother's birthday so I've been trying to get little things finished up around the house - putting out fall decorations, finding places for odds and ends and finding pictures for those empty slots.

As I was going through all the racing photos I've taken this year I happened on this one. I didn't even realize I'd had the opportunity to take one that had G1, G2 and their dad all racing together at once.

That's the boys' dad in the white 99, then G1 in the red 99 and G2 in the 9 bringing up the rear (something G2 rarely does). I had an extra one printed for Daughter and she was excited to get it. It's a pretty rare occasion when her husband races with the boys in the turf class so I was lucky to snap the picture at just the right time.


  1. I would say that was a lucky shot there!! All three..perfect!!
    I like the bathroom personally..

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