Monday, January 31, 2011

Oklahoma Weather

This past Friday and Saturday Northeast Oklahoma experienced some really nice January weather. The sun was shining and the temperatures reached into the low 70's.

But as anyone from Oklahoma will tell you, if you don't like the weather (now I ask you - who wouldn't like sunny and low 70's????) stick around a bit and the weather is sure to change.

Well, that's just what it's in the process of doing.

This is a photo taken about 10:30 this morning outside our back door.

And this one was taken just outside our front door.

At 11:00 our thermometer says it's 39.3 degrees F. outside.

It's supposed to reach 42 degrees today. Then the bottom is going to drop out for a few days.

The forecast says we should see between 8" and 12" of snow on Tuesday. Our weather guy is predicting "blizzard conditions."

I'll be taking more photos tomorrow assuming we get the snow that's predicted. If I can access the internet tomorrow I'll post some pictures. Otherwise, I'll post them when I can.

And if we get as much snow as they say, I'll probably make some snow ice cream too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

You Be the Judge

Look at this face. Does Elliott look guilty to you? Let me tell you a story.
Elliott likes candy. Sometimes we give him a little bite. He savors even the tiniest bit that he's allowed.

This is the corner in the living room where our love seat usually sets. At Christmas, it has to be moved so that we have a place for the Christmas tree.

As cold as it's been, when we took the tree down, I asked AD to bring the treadmill in from the garage so I could use it inside until the weather turns warm.

Here's where the love seat is sitting for the time being. Right in front of the bar. We really don't use the bar that much so it's ok.

At Christmas I had some bowls of old-fashioned hard candy sitting on the bar. You know the kind - ribbon candy, raspberry filled candies, etc. There was some wrapped peppermint hard candies too along with some wrapped cinnamon candies. That candy is still there in the little snowman container. (Please disregard the Christmas candles that are still sitting there. I'm putting them away today.)

Anyway, back to Elliott. He really liked the old fashioned candies. A few days ago AD caught Elliott getting up on the bar and going for the candy bowl. So he moved the candy bowl to the kitchen counter

just on the other side of the bar.

This morning as I was reading through a few blogs I heard a noise in the kitchen. Kind of a clinking noise like dishes being knocked together. I immediately thought I knew what was happening.

As quietly as I could I made my way into the kitchen just in time to see Elliott's little tail following him back over the bar and down onto the love seat. He turned around and looked up at me. The look on his face was priceless but I wasn't able to take a picture.

Immediately Elliott wanted to go "out" and when he came back in he went straight to one of his favorite beds (yes, we have several dog beds around the house.) That's when I took the first photo you saw today.

So take another look at it and I ask you - does Elliott look guilty to you?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Full House

Last night (Jan 21), about 7:20, we had our biggest group yet stop by for a snack. Can you see all eleven of them?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspirational Song from Rascal Flatts

For anyone who is hurting - take a listen even if you're not a fan of country music.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Caught on Camera

Occasionally one of AD's cameras snaps a shot of this guy - or one of his brothers - but they're usually not very good photos. About 4 days ago this one showed up on the memory chip.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally - Christmas Photos

As I said earlier today, Son and his family were with us this past weekend to share a late Christmas.

There was the traditional "pickle" hunt. We actually had 2 - one for G3, G4 and Girlie and one just for G5 since it was his first year to hunt the pickle. G3 found the pickle the first go-round and G5, of course, found it the second time.

All four shared in decorating a gingerbread boy, a gingerbread house and each one made a snowman's head.

Of course there were gifts. Girlie had a special gift for G1's girlfriend.

G3, G4 and Girlie all got marshmallow guns.

Even though it was pretty cold on Saturday, they had a good time shooting marshmallows. Our dogs actually cleaned some of them up which really surprised AD and me. Elliott, Smoke and Dani have never liked marshmallows!

G3 and G4 tried out the "red-neck" Wii game they gave AD for Christmas.

All the kids wanted a ride in AD's newest vehicle. Girlie had to wait  for her turn and she was really anxious for her ride. I coaxed her over to look at some cattle that were close to our fence promising I'd watch for her Papa to get back with her older brothers so she could have her ride.

Of course there was food.

Son insisted he was just going to rest his eyes. After just a few minutes his sister put the Grinch doll on his shoulder and AD added the elf hat. Of course that said "photo op" to me.

Son should count himself lucky though. Make-up could have been added!

So now I'm in the process of getting all the Christmas decorations away for another 10 months or so, then we'll do it all again.


This past weekend Son and his family came for a late Christmas. I have photos to post but for some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload them. I've been trying since early this morning and it just won't let me.

I'll try again later this afternoon or tomorrow.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 People's Choice Awards

I hardly ever watch awards show programs but last night Hawaii Five-0 was up for Best New Drama. Not only did I want to see if the show won but I wanted to see the acceptance speech if it did.

The show DID win - YEA!!!!! The cast wasn't at the awards show because they are still filming in Hawaii. A pre-recorded acceptance message was shown instead. (Evidently all of those shows who were nominated taped a message to be shown in case they won.)

All 4 of the main Hawaii Five-0 cast were shown on one of the beaches. Daniel Dae Kim spoke first, then Scott Caan and finally, Alex O'Loughlin. What??? What about Grace Park? She was there. I kind of felt sorry for her. I don't mean to criticize and I certainly don't know the circumstances behind the taping but I thought Grace should have gotten to say something. Oh, well. Maybe the next time the show wins an award - and I'm pretty sure it will - Grace will get in on the acceptance speech.

Some of the other winners were no surprise to me -

Taylor Swift - Country Artist
Movie Actor - Johnny Depp
Comedic Star - Adam Sandler
Favorite Family Movie - Toy Story 3

There were some however, that really surprised me -

Comedy Actor - Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother). I was totally shocked that Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) didn't win.

TV Comedy - Glee. Again, I was surprised that The Big Bang Theory didn't win.

Favorite New TV Comedy: $#*! My Dad Says. Mike and Molly really should have won that category.

Movie Star Under 25 - Zac Effron. I really thought Robert Pattinson had that one sewn up especially because
Twilight: Eclipse won as the Favorite Movie AND the favorite Drama Movie plus Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart won as the Favorite On-screen Team.

Those are just a few of the winners. If you didn't see the show and are interested you can see who the nominees and the winners were for 2011 here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 Calendar

My favorite new 2010 television show is Hawaii Five-0 for a few reasons.

#1. I was a fan of the original series.
#2. The new series stands on its own. It's not just another remake. 
#3. I've been an Alex O'Loughlin fan since he starred in Moonlight  and Scott Caan makes a pretty good Danno too.

So when 2011 calendars started making their way onto store and kiosk shelves I started looking for a Hawaii Five-0 calendar. I could not believe I couldn't find one - anywhere. I checked online too. Nope!

How could that be possible?

Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat and I put my own calendar together. It didn't turn out half bad either.

Maybe next year someone in the marketing world will get a clue and there will be some Hawaii Five-0 calendars on store shelves.

If not, well, I'll just make my own again.