Monday, September 14, 2009

Sometimes You Just Never Know . . .

. . what will show up in/on a photo. Below is one of my best examples -

See that "headless" buffalo right there? I took that shot back in 2004 at Woolaroc in the Osage Hills of northeast Oklahoma. I don't know how I managed to take the photo at just the right second and just the right angle that creates the illusion of a headless buffalo. Other than just a little tiny bit of color enhancement, nothing else about the photo was digitally changed.

Of all the pictures I've taken over the years, this one is one of my very favorites and it was captured on film at one of my favorite places in Oklahoma.

Woolaroc was originally built by Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum Company, as a ranch retreat. It is a wildlife refuge and there's a wonderful museum there filled with western art and artifacts. There's an animal barn and a hiking trail and many wonderful sights to see.

The name Woolaroc is a combination of 3 words - woods, lakes and rocks.

I have no idea how many times I've visited Woolaroc as a child, as a mother and now as an Oklahoma granny. It's just so peaceful out there.

If you're ever in the area it would be a shame to miss this wonderful place.


  1. We have often driven across Oklahoma on our way to Los Angeles -- sometimes across the top and sometime down through Muskogee. We'll have to get the old map out next time we plan a trip and see if we can do a side trip to a favorite place.

  2. There are a few things that I will never forget about Woolaroc: the shrunken heads, the gigantic elephant head, the airplane, the buffalo trash-sucker thing, and sister almost falling into the lake. Remember that video of us when we were little walking along the hiking trail? There's a part of the trail that goes between (or went between, as I haven't been on it in a LONG time!) some large bolders. I can still remember how cold those were that day. I don't know why I remember that, but I do.

    If we have time on the 26th, do you want to go with me and take the kids out there? That might be a fun thing to do!

  3. I love Woolaroc....It is a fantastic place to visit!!! I had the best time there. Also looking at the rustic neat!'
    Then we traveled the roads of the high grass plains, I think...and looked at the buffalo there..It was a really nice trip..

  4. Our good friends from London, England came to visit us a couple of years ago. We took them to Woolaroc. As we were driving in all of the buffalo came galloping over the hill, giving the illusion of those old western movies' indian hunts. Quite thrilling to our friends!

  5. It sounds like an awesome place and what a fun photo!