Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now

If you read my post from yesterday you may have read the comment from Son. In case you didn't, here's what he said:

"You didn't think about taking pictures? We need to write the date down.Wow. Mom NOT taking a picture. That's hard to wrap my brain around."

I don't know why Son would ever say that other than I take a few pictures from time to time. I feel like I'm preserving the history of my family when I snap photos.

Just out of curiosity I decided to go around the house and take inventory of my pictures. I found these in the top of one closet.

And this container right next to those boxes.

In the bottom of that closet I found these containers.
In the coat closet were these boxes all containing photos.

Oh, and in the corner of my scrapbook/bedroom combination I found these

along with my scrapbooks.

That's all - at least I think that's all - of my "hard copy photos".

Since the digital camera age took over a few years ago I started saving all my digital photos to cd or dvd and keep them in this box. (I know I need to buy a new box now.)

Oh, and I shouldn't overlook the pictures that are currently on my scrapbook table.

I think that's about it. Hummmm. Maybe that's why whenever I have my camera out my family tends to hide from me. That or their hands immediately fly up in front of their face.

They could just say, "Just Shoot Me Now" and get it over with - I mean the picture taking of course! Ummm - that's a thought - a scrapbook page of all these faces with hands covering them and the title - Just Shoot Me Now. Excuse me. I need to go get my camera now.

Do you take a lot of photos?


  1. Good for you! I always bring my camera along, and that at the end of the event realize I didn't take any pictures!

  2. Well yes I do but I dont know that I have as many as you do...Nope, I dont think so..

    But I must sadly confess, I have more pictures of my dog Bob than any other family member..(Could be because he is with me all the time)