Friday, September 18, 2009

Solution to the Mystery

If you read my post from earlier today you'll know that I was very perplexed how a rat could possibly end up on the barb of a barbed wire fence.

I had debated with myself about posting the picture because it's kind of a gross picture. Now I'm glad I did because I learned something new today from Leilani Lee over at Ozark Oddments.

She posted the following comment:

"This is typical of what a shrike will do (it's a bird -- Google it) It catches small animals and reptiles and hangs it on barbed wire. Great shot! I am glad you posted this."

As soon as I read her comment I googled to find a picture of a shrike. Then I called AD in, showed him the picture of the bird and Leilani's explanation. We're going to be doing some bird watching and see if we can spot a shrike or two.

I just love learning new stuff! Don't you?


  1. When I first read her comment, I thought she was kidding! Isn't it just amazing how smart animals are? Wow!

  2. Are you sure it wasn't the Mouse Mafia sending you a message?...

    "Pay us in cheese & no one else will get hurt"
    - signed, Vinnie "the Rat"

  3. Gosh, I would have thought it was someone abusing an animal. Now you have peace of mind. How amazing that she knew the behavior of the shrike.