Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Barns

I saw something quite interesting but kinda on the gross side the other afternoon as I was pulling out of the driveway. When I got back to the house I hollered to AD to come see what was across the road. I just happened to have my camera with me and took some photos thinking I might do a posting. When I mentioned that to AD he kind of rolled his eyes and asked if I didn't think it was kind of a gross thing to put in my blog. So, while I'm still considering that as a possibility I thought I'd show you 5 more of the barns that I was able to snap photos of as we were making our way back home from Branson.

I love that this barn is part rock and part wood.

Even though you only see the roof of this barn I liked the picture. Maybe it's the barb wire fence. Anyway I just like the photo.

This barn looked like it was built with brick instead of rock. And isn't that little extra room on the side cute? I wonder what it's for.

The color on this barn was really nice.

The shape of this barn was interesting. Kind of like some military buildings I've seen before but can't recall their name - something like kwanzaa huts? But I could be totally wrong on that so forgive me if that's the case.

That's it for now. I'll continue debating with myself on the issue of the gross but interesting thing I took pictures of. If I do decide to post it there will be a warning at the top and the photo will be further down in the post.


  1. Surely we have ALL seen gross things! It may be interesting...Lots of stuff I want to talk about on my blog, Mickey tells me not to do it...But I still do...
    Lots of barns in Penn are the stone on the bottom and lumber tops....I like those the best I think...I dont know, I just LOVE all barns really...
    Your right about the military buildings..I have a TINY one in my pasture for my goats..they love it...

  2. Nice photos-- quonset hut -- I think is what you mean. I also have had debates with myself about gross photos -- an animal skeleton on the side of the road and a photo essay on how to butcher a squirrel. I did use shots of the skeleton, but not of the squirrel.

  3. Great pics!

    I think my fav is the barn with the barbed wire.

    Brings back memories of the olden days.

    Does that mean I'm in my golden years?


    Sweet dreams.