Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Weekend Continues

There were some impromptu hide-and-seek games. Girlie always seemed to be "it".

And there were brownie cones. (I'll post more about them another day.)

Pancakes for breakfast on Saturday. The kiddos were going to need a lot of energy for all that was on the agenda.

A bubble-monster movie was not part of the agenda. That's Girlie enjoying her time in the Jetta tub.

One of the things that kept me busy last week was making Girlie a dress and her Bitty Baby, Princess, a matching one.

AD had a project to complete too. I found this former flower pot holder at a second-hand store. The moment I saw it I just knew it was meant to be Girlie's little settee. AD cut a board to make a sturdy seat covering the place the pots are supposed to go. Then he sanded and painted everything.

My plans were to make a cushion for the piece but when I was in Hobby Lobby to buy the foam and fabric I came across the perfect decorator pillow instead. And it was on sale at that. 50% off. It was exactly the color I was looking for and the exact dimensions that was needed. Who could pass up a deal like that.

And that meant a photo session on the front porch.

Hold onto your hats. We're just getting started.


  1. She is adorable and the little settee is something out of a fairy tale! You've got some lucky grandkids.

  2. How smart you are...the settee is great! I am going to take a little time and make my Miss Merritt a new dress, one for dolly would be nice too. :) Gerry

  3. You sure know how to enjoy the day in spite of the heat! Love Girlie, her bubble bath, and her settee!


  4. I love the matching dresses you sewed for your grand-daughter and her doll. It seems she has always been a part of your clan and that warms my heart.

    Your Friend,

  5. ok now you've got me hooked and intrigued on the next chapter. And when I saw girlie's new dress and one for her babe too. I had one of those out of body feelings that took me back to 1949 and 1950 when my momma was making the same things for me and my dollies. Seems they were always bright floral patterned and not tiny flowers either! I soon graduated to making my own doll clothing and mostly skirts with a handmade botton hole and button. I don't remember what they wore for blouses but I don't think I ever achieved that skill until I outgrew making doll clothes. What fun memories.

  6. Your grandkids must love visiting you so much! The pictures show how much fun they're having!


  7. beautiful dresses and settee! You sure are talented in so many ways and your husband is very handy too! There is nothing like an epic grandkid weekend! Fun fun fun!!

  8. Your gd is so cute and so lucky that you can make her and dollie a new dress.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    have a blessed day.

  9. Oh what fun. I am so looking forward to those times! the dresses are darling!!

  10. Looks like a wonderful time between you two. Love the matching dresses!

  11. I'm glad you're back online, as I have missed you. But you've been spending your time in great ways. Love the matching dresses and the settee. And I want to know about those brownie cones. I am so envious of you, with all those grandkids! What fun!

  12. Hello
    great pictures - and how fun for your granddaughter to have a new dress and one to match for her doll. I will being this in few years.

    and about the Old Paris Flea Market, it is not like Paris or even Canton - but there is lots of stuff, some good deals and some not, a good bit of junk too, but we like it and will go back.

  13. All of that is adorable...girlie, the matching dresses and the new bench! You are SO creative and lucky!

  14. Your grandkids are just adorable. Great find, finding the perfect little settee and pillow. I LUV finding just what I want at great prices, and I do like Hobby Lobby.

  15. You amaze me. I seriously need some granny lessons from you.