Friday, July 23, 2010

How the Weekend Ended

G5 turned 2 earlier in the month so we had a little late birthday celebration for him on Sunday. Daughter and her family came (minus G2) and AD's mother and sister drove from Tulsa to be with us.

His little cake shown here was pretty plain. I'd actually made him another one - a big cupcake cake like G1 made for his girlfriend back in June. I should have had G1 make this one too!

When I took the one I made out of the pan the bottom part of the cake cracked a bit. Not to worry - I thought a little frosting would remedy the problem. I went to work and got the large cupcake all decorated late on Saturday night. All appeared to be fine. (I should have taken a photo right then!) Sunday morning - uh, no! The cake looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Within about half an hour the cake collapsed totally on its side.

So out came the mixer, cake mix and pan. I hurried to get the cake in the photo baked and decorated before lunch at noon.

G5 liked it anyway. He particularly liked the cake plate. There's a button on the plate that you can push and the "Happy Birthday" song plays while lights go on and off around the edge of the plate. G5 didn't quite have enough wind to blow his candle out but he sure looked cute trying.

Sunday was another hot day! After lunch the "slip and slide" came out for some fun in the water. The bigger kids enjoyed sliding. G5 just enjoyed running through the water.

We had some water balloons at the house so AD filled a few for some water balloon tosses. G3 and G4 did pretty well. Girlie wasn't so lucky. Her partner was her daddy and HE seemed to keep dropping the balloons.

Fun in the water!

I thought the kiddos would certainly be tired out from playing all weekend and sleep all the way home. According to Son, that was a miscalculation on my part.

It was a busy weekend. It was fun. At least I hope the kids had fun.


  1. I have no doubt they had FUN. When they go back to school and report what they did during summer vacation these activities will top the list. The smaller ones will just keep dreaming about them until next time! G5 does look sweet attempting to blow out his candle. Thanks for sharing your time with your precious grandchildren.

    Your Friend,

  2. Good Morning,
    Yes they certainly had a good visit at your place. I'm guessing you are exhausted!

    Have a fabulous Friday. ~Natalie

  3. Great Photos! I have G9 of them.


  4. What a neat sounding birthday plate.

  5. Oh Granny!
    What fun all those entries show!!! I definitely had wondered where you had been off to prior to our leaving last Sunday for our trip north. We are now in Walker, MN and have finally found some cooler weather! However, I don't really have anything to blog about so I'm just updating you here! Glad to see such an awesome time with your family!!!

  6. Your grandkids are so darn cute!

  7. I bet they had a blast! You inspire me to keep being a fun grandparent and to continue to make memories! Looks like it was a perfect visit and you set a wonderful loving and joyful atmosphere for them!

  8. I love it when family gets together! What dedication on your part to keep making that cake!

  9. Your grandchildren are so cute!

  10. That is the very best type birthday party you can have. The little one is so precious and getting ready to dive into his cake.

  11. It looks like G5 loved the cake, he is a cutie!

  12. Such cuties, those grandkids! Don't you just love the feeling you get when the gkids are around and happily playing, knowing that someday these will be their "precious memories" of their life with you?! I think of that often, and now yours will especially blessed because you are documenting it and they will be able to look back and smile!

  13. Water fun is always top on the list with the kids.
    I love that cake dish, too! I want one for my birthday!!!

  14. You are such a good grandma!