Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Saturday Photo Shoot

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop. Several months ago I found a cute little table and chair set - just perfect to have at the house when Girlie comes to visit.

I kept watching that little set, patiently waiting for a sale and one finally happened with a big enough percentage off that I felt like I could buy it.

AD painted it a pistachio green. I bought foam and fabric for seat cushions and found a round place mat just the perfect size for the top of the table.

It made a perfect prop for tea party photos.

Do you remember back in December when I posted about the Brown Mansion in Coffeyville, KS?

I thought a tea party photo shoot on the lawn with the mansion in the background would be perfect.

And it was! In less than 30 minutes there were over 100 photos on my camera chip.

There was a quilt in the car to lay on the ground for photos with all 4 of the kiddos. This is one of my favorite shots.

Along with this one.

And this one. Girlie's smile was tired by then but after over a hundred photos wouldn't yours be too?

The grounds at the mansion are pretty shady but it was very hot on Saturday. Our next stop was the sno cone shack. And I think those sno cones tasted even better on Saturday than on my earlier visits.

But we still had places to go and things to do.


  1. Good Morning,
    The tea party looks perfect. You are making some awesome memories for them...summer at granny's...

    Have a Worry-free Wednesday. ~Natalie

  2. That was a beautiful background for a tea party.
    That little girlie is so cute with her dollie.
    Thanks for sharing for grands with us.

  3. What a wonderful idea (a photo shoot on the lawn of the Brown Mansion) and photographs! I especially like the close up photo of their beautiful faces on the quilt and your grand-daughter in her red boa. She has very striking eyes.

    Your Friend,

  4. beautiful pictures! and fun looking too! At first I thought the mansion was your house and I was like woa!!!! Great idea to bring the kiddos and the props!

  5. Great photos! How fun! And what cute kids!

  6. Great pictures! I'm glad you told us about the house setting....I was thinking "Boy you have a really big home!"

  7. The photo shoot was a success, as I am sure the tea party on the lawn was. Aren't grandkids grand? Looks like it was a really fun day.

  8. What a special time! Those children are adorable!!! Oh the fun times and memories for all..

  9. I think your did good on the little table and chairs. I love seeing the children using them and having fun. If I ever get too much rain, I will try to funnel it back to you.

  10. Adorable pics! Now that I have a small tribe of grands I think I may try some similar poses! Very cute!

  11. Some happy children, I'd say! I bet she's dreaming about living in a house like that one day.

  12. Yes, you got some sweet pictures. Love them and the backgrounds you chose for them.


  13. Hi. I'm new to your blog. What a great idea. I have quite a few grands and would love to have some professional looking photos but can't afford the expense. This is a great idea. Thank you so much.

  14. Cute pics!
    You are right, that is a great background!
    We have a snowcone machine here at the house and the kids love it when I get it out.