Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rainy Day and Another Sno-Cone

We've seen a lot of turtles lately. Lucky for this guy that he's outside the fence and Mikey is still confined inside the fence when AD isn't outdoors. See, Mikey likes turtles and I'm thinking he likes turtle meat too.

Anyway, when I was a kid my folks always told us if we started seeing a lot of turtles out and about they were headed for higher ground and there would be big rains heading our way.

We did get a lot of rain yesterday but not as much as other parts of Oklahoma.

I took this photo on my way into town to get some lettuce and bread for dinner. (We had BLTs and boy they were good!)

Just before turning toward the grocery store I saw the "Open" sign on the sno-cone stand. Woo Hoo! I'd just treat myself to that Pink Elephant one I've been thinking about. After all, I'd weathered the rain to go to the store for supper supplies. I could have melted! Yea, right.

The bubblegum flavor definitely came through. I'm thinking I still prefer the Sugar Daddy with this Pink Elephant coming in a close second followed by the Pink Flamingo.

I'm so glad we needed lettuce for supper.

My plan is to wait until June 30 and then try the Twilight one.

Note to Deb: I did ask the guy if "cream" was really cream. He said he didn't actually know for sure, it's just what "they" send him. Angela commented on my last post that in her area cream is evaporated milk. I don't think that's what they add to the sno-cones here though because I'm not a fan of evaporated milk (except for using it in recipes) and I'm pretty sure I would be able to taste it. All I know is whatever they use, it's yummy.


  1. NUMMY! I wanna snow cone! whaa whaaaa

  2. I am glad to hear that you did not get the rain that they got in the OKC area. We talked to bil and he said that they did not get any of the rain at all in Kingston Ok.
    I am glad that you had to go get groceries and after the looks of the driveway you sure did deserve a sno-cone.
    Have a great day.

  3. Sharon, That's not our driveway. It's the road to the highway into town.

  4. I haven't had a snow cone in ages. Now I want one!

  5. No rain here in NJ yet but thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. We have Rita's Italian Ice. I think I will treat myself later today (thanks for the inspiration!)

    Your Friend,

  6. I am fully on board the "sno cone survival through summer" train! At my sno cone shop, the cream is evaporated milk too, but it still tastes yummy on it to me! So far my favorite individual flavor is pink lemonade, but my favorite combo is called tropical paradise (orange, coconut and pineapple)!
    glad that you are not affected by the horrible flooding in OK !

  7. It all looks yummy to me !!!
    No rain here, sunshine so far !

  8. We've had our typical DE overcast skies with intermittant sunshine. Still, I'd like to take a trip over to Rita's Water Ice right now...but I'm already in my PJ's! Next time I see a real snow cone stand I'm pullin' off the road, though!

  9. Well your snow cones sounds very different than our boring snow cones! No wonder you all like them so much and i don't like them at all. Most of the ones I have seen here are just sugar flavored syrup poured over the ice. YUK! Maybe I just don't go to the right places.

  10. I see money in developing a 12 step program for this....

  11. We called family who live in or near OKC to make sure they were alright. Everyone is safe as of now. Glad to know you and AD are also safe!

    Sno-cones...making me drool here. :D

  12. So glad to hear that you didn't get the flooding from all the rain that some parts of Okc got! We didn't get alot of rain on our side of Okc either.. It is so sad seeing and hearing about all the damages of homes and properties caused by it! I so sorry for the 2 people and their families that lost their lives caused by it.. It's a real shame.

    I'm going to have to try out these flavors of sno cones that you mentioned.. It's been a long time since I've had one... Years! Maybe today's the day!

    Have a great day!


  13. Counting down the days to Twilight... I can hardly wait to see it! I just love stopping by here and catching up. It's always so interesting! (((hugs))) Connie

  14. I think you have found a new pit stop.
    And it sounds like a yummy one!!

  15. It's raining here today. I love an Oklahoma rain.