Monday, June 14, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

As in sno-cones that is.

Pickles on Pizza 's own Angela has been posting off and on lately about the sno-cone flavors she and her husband, Aubrey, have been trying this summer. Enough so that I've been wanting to try one.

Then my nephew's wife posted on her blog about her recent sno-cone experience. I took it as a sign that it was time for me to find a sno-cone place.

So last Thursday when AD and I were making an early afternoon run to Wally World we went by this sno-cone place and I asked if he'd like to stop for one on the way home.

Well, I didn't have to ask him twice.

After reading the long list of choices - and there were so many I couldn't get a photo of the whole list in one picture - AD chose a Marguarita. (Due to the number of choices we decided against going alphabetically like Angela and Aubrey do.) AD thought his was very good - a combination of strawberry, lemon and lime flavors.

He gave me a taste and I thought it was ok BUT - - -

I had what is known as a Sugar Daddy and it was WON - DER - FUL!!!!!! And I didn't pass up the chance of having cream added to it. SO. SO. SO. YUMMY!!!!!! It's a blend of wedding cake flavor (not sure what that is but it's really, really good!) and strawberry. Add the cream to it and OH. MY. GOODNESS. GRACIOUS. ME!!!!

I guess by now you get the idea that I really liked my sno-cone. If I somehow didn't manage to get my point across - well, l don't know what else I can add to let you know how simply scrumptious it was.

But liking something that much comes with a problem. I'm one of those people who try a dish at a restaurant and if I really like it, I hardly ever vary in my order on following visits.

And there are so many flavors that sound super good.

So, G1, his girlfriend and G2 came by the house that evening and I was telling them about the sno-cones. They thought we needed to make a visit to the sno-cone place and who was I to argue with them? Besides, I'd get to try their choices for a comparison taste-testing.

G1 chose watermelon. Not surprising. He loves watermelon slushes. Me? I'm not a fan of watermelon flavor - only slices of the real deal fruit but that's neither here nor there.

I tried a small taste of his and I was very surprised that it was pretty good. Not as good as the Sugar Daddy, but better than the Marguarita in my opinion.

His girlfriend and G2 chose something called Punisher - a blend of strawberry, cherry and pink lemonade. I'd rank it with the Marguarita.

I actually chose a flavor other than the Sugar Daddy. The choice the second time around in the same day was a Pink Flamingo. It's a combination of pink lemonade and strawberry. I asked for cream but they'd just run out. The guy was really nice and said he'd put the last dribblings of cream that was in the bottle on mine but it wouldn't be very much and he wouldn't charge me for it.

So the verdict. While it was pretty good I'm sure the Pink Flamingo would have been better with the cream. So it comes in at #2 on my favs list.

Next time I think I'll try a Pink Elephant - a blend of wedding cake, bubble gum and strawberry flavors.

Oh, and there's one called Twilight. Maybe I'll have to go by and get one of those when Eclipse is released later this month.

I'll let you know how they rank.


  1. My favorite so far this year is Peach Wine Cooler.

  2. sounds like a "tasty" good time....!!


  3. That Sugar Daddy looks yummy to me!! Did you notice all your choices to date have been pink?

  4. Wow that all sounds sooo delish !
    Have a great week

  5. Hmmm...these sound perfect on a hot day. And the wonderful descriptive cute!

    Have a creative Monday ~Natalie

  6. My goodness Granny, I didn't know sno-cones had gone so gourmet! We have a little shop here and I will have to check it out! I hope they have a twilight/newmoon/eclipse one! I'll bet they're RED! And who thought up adding the cream to them... yum! Two in one day.... you are such a wicked Granny!

  7. I just ate my oatmeal and compared to your snow cones I think I lost!

  8. Sugar Daddy sounded pretty good, until I read peach wine cooler in the comments! I love peaches! I never heard of cream in a sno-cone. That would make me want them! I'm more of an ice-cream or root beer float kinda gal...

  9. They do look so good but I was thinking brain freeze also.
    I will have to try that SugarDaddy one.
    Those sno-cones have come a long way since I was younger and all they had was strawberry,grape,lime and cherry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. It all looks yummy to me!!!

  11. I haven't had a sno-cone in years, but now I want one really really bad. I will have to hunt down a sno-cone place here in Florida.

  12. Wow G,
    they went to your head and you changed your page today!

    Nice clean new look ~ I likey!!!

    Got rain? I know, terrible isn't it...

  13. I so wish we had something like that around here. I was licking the screen Granny, I'm ashamed to say it, but I was. LOL.

  14. First, let me say that I love your new look...I visit one day and then boom! you change your blog look!

    Now, down to "cream" really just cream? Poured over the snow cone?

    There's not a snow cone stand any place near us, but we do have a Rita's Water favorite is a mango gelatti.

    I've gotta know about that cream, though...sounds sooooo yummy!

  15. :)

    I will probably have to stop by ours tomorrow! I think Bubble Gum is up next on my list!!

    Glad you found a place! I have to say though- we have one in our town(we seriously have like 4 different ones here!) and it has that exact same name and sign! I am not sure if it has the same flavors because I always stick to the same one- but I wonder if there is actually a sno cone stand chain?

  16. Oh and Deb- here cream is evaporated milk. I have seen some places that put condensed milk. I never get cream- Aubrey always does.

  17. They all sound yummy and so refreshing in this heatwave. You're trying all the same flavors I'd prob try too. I'm really stuck on pink lemonade and cherry limeades these days vs. soda.
    I love your new layout also, great job! Have a blessed week and don't over do it w/ the snowcone experiments.

  18. Oh I love em too. Here they're called ParrotIce. By the way the Shrinky Dinks.....I have bought those packages from Big Lots occasionally and you can find them in any craft store or maybe even in Walmart. And did I ever tell you we lived in McCurtain County for two years!!!

  19. I just found a recipe I'm going to try for us that mimics snow-cones! I'm excited but I won't be using the exotic flavorings you listed.

    I'm with you on watermelon--I won't eat the real thing and the smell makes me gag!

  20. Gee Thanks... Now I have a major hankerin' for a snow cone!!!

  21. I had no idea there were so many snow cone choices?!
    I usually stick with lime, it's my favorite.
    We have our own little snow cone machine that we take camping. It's a hit with all the camper kiddos.
    But it's also great for when we're at home working outside, to cool off with. Even my Mother and Father-in-law will come down for one.

  22. Ok, I really do need to try one!