Monday, June 7, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Time for mowing.

Here it comes.

Mowing time is one of the things I like about living where we do. I like watching the whole process.

I missed the raking but was home when the baler came. Watching the bales come out the back of the machine is fascinating to watch - but then I'm easily entertained.

On another note - Mikey has been grounded to the backyard for awhile now. AD takes him for runs in the morning, in the afternoon and again before it gets dark. He also gets to be outside the fence if AD is outside or working in his shop.

A few weeks ago Daughter called and asked if Mikey was at home. She thought she saw him in a pasture close to their house. I was on my way home from town and got there as quickly as I could.

Yep - it was Mikey and his buddy from across the road. Seems they were chasing some cows. NOT a good thing in these parts. Luckily they were spotted by someone who knows them. Dogs that chase cows can get shot on sight.

G2 loaded a very muddy Mikey into my car. (It had rained that day.) We drove slowly (less than 5 mph) home and had his buddy follow us. That sounds bad but both dogs in the car would have been worse.

So, not wanting to take a chance on Mikey being shot - he now has to stay inside the fence.

All that to explain what happened this morning. Mikey was going nuts in the backyard. Barking and running round and round. I went outside to check what was going on. I kept looking and looking but couldn't see what the problem might be.

Still I couldn't get Mikey to calm down. He ran up and down the fence barking like crazy. Finally I saw it - there was a coyote just beyond the gate that's in the first picture above. He was rather camouflaged by one of the big bales of hay. But eventually he started to run across the pasture and I saw him.

I would have liked to snap a photo but my camera was in the bedroom and the coyote would have been gone by the time I got the camera.

So Mikey got a treat and lots of hugs for being a good watch dog. He's still grounded to the backyard though.


  1. aw, Mikey is a good dog, he just likes cows! Good idea to keep him safe from being shot though! The mowing process looks like it would be fun to watch to me too!

  2. Your farmland pics look so pretty and serene. They belie what a hard life farming really is.
    I heard coyotes can kill a horse. True? Congrats to you and hubby on #40. Woo Hoo!

  3. Poor Mikey..give him a nice bone from his Auntie Parsley. I understand he wants to roam free and protect his ever widening territory but his human family wants him safe.

  4. Good boy, Mikey! And who can resist chasing cows now and then? It happens. Glad he's safe and watch out for the coyotes. We had a baby one on our deck three weeks ago and we live in the middle of a city. Scary.

  5. You go Mikey! I would be scared to death if I ever saw a coyote.

  6. Such a good dog...except for the chasing the cow part. Not much you can do but keep him in. That's a bummer though.

  7. aw Poor Mikey. I guess it is better than getting shot at but he just looks so sad.

  8. I love this time of year, although it is a busy time for wheat farmers. Coyotes are slinky pests, but a part of our everyday life here in Oklahoma. Loved your pictures. I could almost smell the hay...


  9. Holy cow.. what a view.. but then again, I've always loved the views from your home.

    I remember baling hay eons ago.. was hard work.

    I'm glad Mikey is safe.. is it mating season for the coyotes?

    with love,

  10. Mikey is a good dog!!!

  11. Wow! Mikey can sure spot them, huh? I understand about being grounded. Years and years ago, we had a dog that raided the chicken coops. She had had to do that to survive as she had been abandoned. After we took her in, I guess the taste of fresh bird was more than she could handle.

  12. Good dog Mikey! Love the pictures of baling hay, I love that smell! Hope the new groomer is a good one...thanks for coming by GrannyMountain for a visit!

  13. I can imagine the smell of mowed grass!!! Smells good!!

  14. I'm glad your daughter spotted Mikey and you were able to locate him and bring him home. I never knew dogs could be shot on sight for chasing cows. I hope the happy wanderer gets used to being confined when unsupervised. "The boys" occasionally decide to take themselves for a stroll down to the river!

    Your Friend,

  15. Oh giorlfriend there is just nothing quite as satisfying as watching those big machines do their thing is there. I love to watch my Punkin drive his tractor. Poor ole Mikey. We have a poor ole Toby who is on permanent daytime timeout in a fenced yard now with an ELECTRIC HOT WIRE all around the fence, and I hate that it had to happen but the little "digger" leaves us no choice. He is just a bad to the bone Boston TERROR who wants to play escapeimouttahere all the time.

  16. Poor Mikey, he doesn't understand that it's for his own safety. But he'll be okay.
    Glad you were able to grab him up before something bad happened.

  17. I so love Oklahoma!!