Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Garden

Today is June 1 - can you believe it?

This is the garden in front of our house looking toward the east.

The geraniums are doing well in the pots on the front porch.

Hydrangeas are my second favorite flower. We brought this plant with us from our last home. It hadn't bloomed in several years

but it surprised us this year.

Here's hoping it continues to bloom in the years to come.

Last Fall AD planted 3 lilies that I bought. This Spring they had multiplied! We may have to transplant some next year.

These cute little flowers are the prettiest shade of pink but I can't remember their name.

Last year we planted several different varieties of hosta. Our budget wasn't very big and so the plants were all pretty small. Some didn't survive the winter even with the mulch that covered them but those that did really came back strong.

Hopefully they will continue to get larger.

They all live in a shady little nook.

Finally there is this mum, one of four that were planted last Fall. Only two came back this year. I'm looking forward to their blooms later this year.

Our garden still has several bare spots but it's a work in progress. Hopefully there will be more to come this Fall.


  1. Gorgeous colors! I love my shady trees but would love to have a sunny garden like yours.

  2. I have all of those plants except hostas. Something - sow bugs, snails, squirrels, or bunnies- kept eating them so I quit buying them. I stood at my window once and watched a squirrel eat my rose moss to the nubs. Your flowers are thriving in the sunshine. I always called those pink ones periwinkles, but I'm no gardener, so I could be wrong. But your beds looks gorgeous...hooray for June!


  3. Beautiful flowers!! My lilies won't bloom 'til mid summer. I have irises blooming now, and daisies.

    Is your unknown flower Impatiens?

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! Have you had a lot of rain too? NW Arkansas got rain every day there for a while! So glad you stopped by GrannyMountain this morning...I've added a Granny Mountain page on Facebook so we can share ideas, recipes and get to know each other better. Please come join and share some of those pretty pictures!

  5. Beautiful! Want to come help me plan a flower garden? I have location issues.

  6. The pink ones are New Guinea Impatiens.

    Your front garden beds are beautiful! I especially like your hydrangea. They are on my list of favorites along with peonies.

    Your Friend,

  7. Brownie, The flowers aren't Impatiens. I thought that's what we were buying but when AD started to plant them the little tag said something different and that they needed some sun.

    Oh, and the reason AD does all the planting - I have a terribly brown thumb. It seems if I try planting flowers they just curl up and die almost instantly. So I pick them out and decide where to put them. Then AD does the planting and most of the watering. On rare occasions I water and only a little then. I just don't want the flowers to meet an untimely death.

  8. Fairfield, Thank you for providing the name of the flowers. Maybe someone put the wrong tag in the little container the flowers came in?

  9. Everything looks absolutely beautiful!!


  10. Oh so pretty!! Do you have ornamental chili's too? I though it looked like that in the picture!

  11. You're flowers are beautiful! Can I have your email to add to my address book and also if you have AIM? Just send me an email at MissieRuth@aol.com

  12. Miss Paula, I believe what you're seeing and thinking they are ornamental chili's are actually the lilies that have multiplied like crazy.

  13. Your flowers are lovely Granny! I especially love the hydrangeas and lillies. Do you dry the hydrangea heads? I have some inside (not grown by me) in a basket. You are fortunate that they do well next to the bricks!! My flower beds on the west side didn't ever do well becuz of heat radiating from the bricks; thus they were covered over with river rock and have "ornaments" of all sorts on them now.

    Great Pictures!

    j ~ I'm beginning to get some time back to myself now... ;o)

  14. I have planted those same little pink flowers. The tag in the pot always says "vinca". I love them.

    The lilies and geraniums are absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing. =)

  15. beautiful garden flowers! Flowers really are so refreshing to look at and smell! looks like your thumb turns green after your husband plants them, cause they look very healthy!

  16. Everything looks wonderful. I love the idea of so many perennials. We are working toward that.

  17. Gorgeous blooms! As soon as the heat wave breaks, I'll be hitting my garden with my steak knife. The weeds are making themselves a home!

  18. A great cook and a green thumb??

  19. Your garden makes me jealous. I am a total plant killer. I have killed everything I have planted. I even killed an aloe plant. YIKES!!! That takes mad skillz I tell ya. Love, love love your beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  20. Oh my! Be still my heart! How PRETTY! We live in a desert so I'm not sure lilies would grow well here---but yours are soooooooo PRETTY! Oh thank you for sharing--I really enjoyed walking through your garden.

    That pink flower looks similar to our purples ones...growing wild in the back--I know them as vincas.

  21. I think the pink flowers look like vincas also. We had them in our yard years ago and it took over everything else in the yard, choking them out. They are pretty flowers but we got rid of them because of how much they spread and we couldn't control them.

  22. So pretty!
    I don't have many flowers. Just don't have the time to keep up with them.
    But I thoroughly enjoy the few I have.