Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're Good Scouts

Back in the day I was a Brownie, later a Girl Scout and when Daughter was in elementary school I was a Girl Scout leader.

AD was a Boy Scout - not sure exactly what level - but I've heard rumors that his stint in the scouts lasted only as long as his first hike. Of course it could also be due to the fact that he grew up on military bases and there was quite a bit of moving around.

At any rate, I always thought the BOY Scouts owned the motto "Be Prepared." Recently I learned that it is also the GIRL Scout motto. Not sure how I missed that bit of information especially having been a Girl Scout leader.

The 7-day weather forecast for northeast Oklahoma looks like this. With the wind speeds that are predicted over the next couple of days we will be seeing (feeling) the wind chill at something like 18 to 25 degrees below zero.

Yesterday afternoon our weather radio sounded and warned of the extremely bitter cold conditions and possible precipitation our area will be experiencing later today and tomorrow.

This morning at 4a.m. the radio sounded again with the same warning.

And we're prepared -

Diesel fuel for the big generator should our electricity go out - CHECK!

The propane guy came yesterday, so full propane tank - CHECK!

Grocery shopping trip last night. Ingredients for soups and casseroles - CHECK!

Hot chocolate - CHECK!

Heated bed, blankets & clean sweaters (not shown) for the "inside" kids - CHECK!

Extra "insulation" for Mikey's house* - CHECK!

I think that about covers it. We former scouts are prepared!

*AD first put the old comforter over Mikey's house a few days ago - NOT covering the doorway because after all, Mikey is afraid of the dark.

Sometime over the past few days though Mikey has discovered he can pull the comforter down over his doorway to keep his house even more toasty warm. He's such a smart kid!

Guess he figures it's better to have the added warmth in the dark than to have his night light (although the light is still on just in case . . .)


  1. If you have time, I recommend grabbing a few space blankets for yourselves and Mikey! They work wonders in extreme weather such as we all are about to experience. They can be used to line Mikey's shelter on the inside or to wrap yourselves in the event of power outages. The only draw back is they make lots of wrinkley noises!

    You're prepared! That's good! Stay warm and toasty!

  2. Love those generators!!

    Stay warm......LindaMay

  3. Sounds like your prepare for just about everything, I am like that too,esp living this far north you have to be ,you never know what's around the corner weather wise.
    Feels good to be prepared !Keep warm

  4. Oh, Mikey is so cute in his house. I hope it doesn't get as bad as they're predicting but am happy you're well prepared if it does.

  5. I am so in love with Mikey! If I ever come to OK I am going to come to your house to eat some of your fabulous creations and give Mikey a belly rub!

  6. Definitely sounds like you're prepared.
    We have no snow, but it's been cold here, too. Not as cold as your neck of the woods, though. Brrrrrrr!

  7. You are prepared! Stay warm!!!

  8. Isn't this weather crazy. It's been so cold here and I hate the bitter cold. I would rather have snow and we do have a bit of that coming tonight and tomorrow.

    The dogs are so darn cute!

  9. Since we live in the 'land of the devil wind', when we built this house, we put in special wiring and a receptacle in the garage to plug in our generator. It's just big enough to keep necessities going. We had to get a special plug for the generator to fit the receptacle. We've been here 6 years, and yep, no plug yet!

  10. That looks suspiciously like a Wal*mart receipt!

  11. All the goats have extra sweet feed and I am giving them lukewarm water with molasses. I have heated buckets in the barn for the goats and dogs and chickens. The two shop dogs have the wood stove where they lay all the time. Bob, Marley and the two cats are in the house. No worries there. No generator for me..I NEED one bad!

  12. Oh, I love Mikey!! We lost power for 10 hours the other night. Thank goodness we had the fireplace going so it only got down to 58 inside. Gosh, I love Oklahoma!!