Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sometimes It Doesn't Take Much

Daughter loves these cookies - little shortbread cookies topped with red sugar crystals. She has loved them for years. It's been so many years now that I can't even remember when I first started buying them for her. And they are cheap!

You might be familiar with them but if not, they can be found at Wallyworld for the low, low price of only a buck fifty a bag on the Seasonal Items aisle.

It's become a tradition now. Whenever the Valentine merchandise goes on the shelves I look for these cookies. And I buy Daughter a bag.

When I was in Wallyworld on Monday the cookies were out in their same, familiar place (north end of the aisle on the right, just about eye level.)

I picked up a bag and AD took them to her that evening. G2 immediately grabbed the bag and tore into them. Evidently he inherited his mother's love for them.

It's ok. I'll buy another bag for Daughter so she can have one all to herself.

They don't cost much. And she loves them. And it's a small way to show Daughter that I'm thinking of her.

Do you have a special way to let your kids know you're thinking of them?


  1. How nice. You are right, it doesn't take much. Creating these little traditions will make them remember our love.

    I do little things for my daughter often but wonder if it gets recognized. Maybe it I didn't do things so often, the rarer act would be noticed.

  2. How sweet! You're right--it doesn't take much to show someone how much they mean to you. One of my traditions is to call my son on Mother's Day. That was something we started years ago when I had to often work on Sundays. We would set up another time to do the holiday but I'd always take time out from working to call him on Mother's Day and that's our time together.

  3. How thoughtful to remember her in a special way. I always give my daughter a little bag of Hershey kisses,,our favorites.

  4. My daughter loves those chocolate oranges that come in slices, she adores them, and of course if I find dark chocolate orange cream center cookies from president Choice I buy them too !!
    Love spoiling my kids !

  5. I use to send them candy, but then everyone started watching what they ate. Maybe I'll surprise them this year and send a heart filled with chocolates. They liked those. :)

  6. I have never seen them...they look tasty and cute-added bonus!

  7. How sweet. Traditions are what it's all about.

    Let's see, what do I do to let my kids know I'm thinking about them? I blog about them and post embarrassing pictures. Does that count? :-)

  8. Oh yeah, I seen those at our Walmartz the other day.
    And yes, certain foods I either make or buy are ways the kids know Mamma loves them.