Monday, January 4, 2010

Another One of Those Days

It's still snowy out our way and according to the local forecast we may see some more snow late Wednesday and into Thursday with extremely cold temperatures throughout the area.

I never really learned to drink coffee or tea. Well, I do like one of those specialty coffee drinks once in awhile but when the weather turns cold and I'm looking for a quick way to warm up I turn to

instant hot chocolate. Of course it's not nearly as tasty as the real thing made with cocoa and sugar and half-and-half but it's quick and it's easy and it does warm me up.

Not too long ago I bought a regular size box of Swiss Miss No Sugar Added (8 packets to the box) at Wallyworld for $2 (down from $2.23 according to the sign). That's still twice as much as regular Swiss Miss but I need the No Sugar Added part so that's what I bought.

Then when we were in Tulsa the other day Sam's had this box of 60 packets for a little less than $7! Considering the savings I bought not 1 but 2 boxes. Glad I did! This may be one of the coldest winters we've had in awhile.

Hot chocolate, hot coffee, hot tea - whatever helps keep you warm - you may want to check your supply.

Stay warm!


  1. Wish I had a cup now! It's cold and windy here. Stay warm. And question: did you ever post the recipe for those noodles you make? I'd love to try it!

  2. Hot Cocoa with peppermint creamer for me lately.. the peppermint eases the throat and clears the mucus. I can drink this stuff all day long. Psst.. wanna split a piece of cake with me? I'll be right over and we can sit an chat about no good and knit a few items for our grandbabies!

    Oh.. ah, before I come.. warm up the weather please.. (heehee)


  3. I'm with you...I don't normally drink tea or coffee or hot cocoa, but this frigid weather is driving me to drink! By the way, I'm enjoying my Kindle immensely. I turn it on and it immediately remembers what page I'm on. You can also adjust the font size, in case you have middle-aged eyes like mine!

    Stay warm! Brrrrr.

  4. Can you believe how cold it is and it's only going to get colder this week? Single digits for the lows later this week. Bundle up!

  5. For me it's hot tea--since I can't do the chocolate thingy (allergies again!). So I'm learning to drink both my hot, piping, percolated fresh coffee without sugar and I'm doing the same with my hot teas...Like Peppermint or Mint Medley teas. Occasionally--if it's early enough in the evening, I'll drink a cup of India Spice Chai or Irish Breakfast with a bit of my organic half-n-half. Keeps me warm on the inside!

    Going without the sugar is one of my plans to help lose weight and be healthier for the New Year. I'm on Week 1! :D

  6. Thanks for the reminder.....went to WallyWorld today and forgot hot cocoa.....such a dork!!


    ps.....11* this AM in the high country!!

  7. We get the magga box from Amazon along with Alpine Cider in the 50-60 box. I like having it show up at the front door, so I don't have to drive into Kansas City for such luxury items. ;-0
    Stay warm. If you are getting more, we probably will too.

  8. I like Swiss Miss no sugar too once in a while but I mostly a coffee or tea lady, in this house we are very particular about it too, only loose leaf tea and we like Russian Caravan or Lapsang Souchong , the coffees same thing were fussy but it has to be decaf,you would laugh but we go to great lenght to get what we want by ordering it from certain companies,if it were just me I would be happy with just orange pekoe,but we have fussy people in this house LOL !
    Its a bitter winter so far, our trees all have fog frost on them its so pretty but seeing that we know its cccold...brrrr

  9. In my grandmothers care package at Christmas I sent her 30 packs of the cocoa mix! Love it!

  10. I love hot chocolate, but I sometimes get headaches from chocolate...unless it's the really good stuff. I buy organic hot chocolate mix and I seem to do okay with that. Nothing better except when you add a big blob of Fluff on top!

  11. Coffee. Lots and lots of hot coffee.

  12. I mixed up a big batch of Spiced Tea a couple of nights ago- one for home- one for work.

    I agree with you the cocoa, sugar, and half and half is so good- that is just how my mom mixed it up for me :)

    Have you tried the Land O Lakes individual cocoa? The caramel flavor is so yummy!

  13. I love hot chocolate and can't get enough with this weather. Let it snow!

  14. I don't drink coffee or tea either. Much to the disappointment of my mother-in-law. She likes to have someone to drink coffee with.
    I prefer to have my caffeine cold, in Pepsi.