Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I Spent 01-01-10

January 1, 2010 started out like most of my days. I fixed a cup of hot chocolate and sat down in front of my computer to catch up with all my blogger friends.

AD turned on the Rose Parade in the other room. I listened for awhile and when I heard them talking about this float I had to go check it out.

This particular float set a new Guinness World Record for being the longest float on a single chassis. The screen shows 113+ feet, the commentator said the actual length was 113 ft 8 inches.

The float had these adorable snowboarding dogs on it.

How cute is that!

This was the only little girl in the bunch.

I mentioned some upcoming projects in an earlier post this week. This is our old wine rack - the one that holds bottles of wine that AD's mother gives us. AD doesn't care for wine so we don't actually drink the wine, we just display it.

Here's the old rack with the tray removed. The glass rack on the top was part of the project. It needed to be removed so that

AD could install it in our new wine rack that his mother gave him. The new one didn't have a glass rack and the rack from the old one was perfect.

The new wine rack also has some storage underneath that is perfect for me to store tablecloths in. I'm thinking I want to add a spring curtain rod with a pretty little curtain to hide the tablecloths so I'll be on the lookout for the perfect curtain.

We recycled the rest of the old wine rack making it a stand for our second computer that is in the bedroom. The racks for the wine bottles will be used to hold telephone books, papers, magazines, etc.

Part of the day was spent gathering Christmas decorations to be packed away. It will take me a few days to finish that.

And there's always laundry to do. I don't know how two people can go through so many towels!

AD's sister gave me a small poinsettia at Thanksgiving. She doesn't know I am notorious for killing these beautiful plants. It's amazing that this little one has lasted as long as it has. It must be strong-willed. I hope so because I really do love poinsettias. Maybe that's my problem. I love them too much!

Anyway, I watered this one today and let the excess water drain in the sink before I put it back in the decorative pot. Someone told me one of my problems might be watering my previous plants too much. Do you think that's possible?

I really am going to try and keep this one alive. I'll let you know how it goes.

How did you spend your first day of the new decade?


  1. Very quite....except for that Wal*Mart run....Mom was almost out of cat food!!

    We have a nature camera up in the mountain park....not for animals ....for gensing poachers!! Some of the pictures are priceless!!


  2. *grins at you* You and Kathy were busy little bloggers in the cleaning arena! I sat on the phone or by the phone and I beaded. I got some gifts made but I have to do my clean up today!

    I'm trying to keep my poinsettia alive as well so if you have success, let me know!

  3. I loved the snowboarding dogs! That wine rack project is so resourceful; how did you think of all that? I spent the first day of 2010 organizing my beads, making some tweaks to my Etsy shop, laundry,and cooking a New Year's Day dinner of collards, black-eyed peas and pork roast for me and the hubby.

  4. Yes, you can water too much. They don't need much attention actually. Don't remember the time frame, but if you put your pot in the basement so it doesn't get light for awhile you can maintain the red. Otherwise it will soon turn all green.

    I didn't watch the parade, but did see the one float you mentioned. Pretty cute.

    Funny your MIL has purchased 2 wine racks for you when you don't drink wine. Before the remodel, I liked the tray on top; haven't seen one like that before. I've been looking for a wine rack, have a small one on the counter; but do drink wine and need a larger one for the dining room.

    Happy New Year, doing some blog walking this am and made my way here from Lily's


  5. I cringe every time someone gives me a plant. They've no idea it has just received a death sentence.

    I worked in my classroom for a few hours. It was necessary and I enjoyed it.

  6. I spent the first day of 2010 listing eBay items, avoiding cleaning up the Christmas catastrophe left behind by the family and eating fried pies. I believe I am off to the start of a good year. :-)

  7. I loved those dogs too...they were so proud of their role!
    We spent our afternoon at the mall...Bath and Body Works is having a fabulous sale. We bought several of the Wallflowers to freshen the bedroom and Emily's apartment.

    Happy New Year ~Natalie

  8. I had a bellyache and laid around doing nothing! I got my Dad to join facebook. And... I went grocery shopping.

    Today... I am gathering up the Christmas stuff. I was going to wait until Monday but... oy.

  9. Cleaning and organizing and finishing a tote bag. It was a productive day. Looks like you did well too!

  10. I am glad I am not the only one who did laundry on New Year's Day! My friend, Mimi, told me it is bad luck to do laundry on NYD...I forgot and had 3 loads complete before I remembered. I also did not eat one black eyed I am hoping my luck holds up! Ha Ha

    Oh and I know what you are saying about 2 people and all the towels! One of mt resolutions is to cut down on towel use. (Maybe use my hair towel 3 times before washing...)

  11. Oh and I forgot to say I love that float!

  12. Nothing says Happy New Year! like hanging dry wall...

  13. I love watching the parade. I was watching on RFD-TV, so they concentrated on the ag floats and horses. I have so much catching up to do!

  14. busy bee you were.. I googles the 2010 Olympics too.. but I don't think wee dogs on snow boards will be competing this year, which is to bad for us.

    Hugs an kisses


  15. I spent the early part of New Year's day sleeping! My sister and her family visited us from Texas. We were up very late the night before and had to take them to the airport at 4:30 AM!

    Then we watched the Rose Bowl...since we're Ohio Buckeyes!

    Your day sounds much more productive and your clothes are folded so neatly!!!! I am so impressed!!!!!

  16. girlfriend, you were a busy bee! we laid around like slugs because we stayed up to greet the new decade and our neighbors did fireworks until about 12:15!

  17. Being lazy! I stayed in my jammies all day. Then played cards with my in-laws that evening. Yes, in my jammies. tee hee
    Good luck with that poinsettia! I can't keep them alive either.