Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Castle Guards

If, as the saying goes, AD's home is his castle - then these are the castle guards.

With the local temperatures being so cold and continuing to drop the field mice and rats are really scrambling to find warmer digs.

Much to my dismay the little varmints have been coming closer and closer to the house.

Much to our fur kids delight the little varmints have been coming closer and closer to the house.

And the fur kids have been standing guard almost constantly. Even the slightest movement outside catches their eye and they go into a frenzy wanting out the door.

I've been knocking on the glass to give any wildlife fair warning the guards are going to be let loose.

Heaven forbid that one of my sweet darlings would actually catch one of those creatures!

Oh, and please overlook the Christmas tree and stocking post that are still in the living room. I really am going to take them down this week . . .


  1. My fur babies are sitting on the bed....on watch....as a write this....

    Birds Beware!!


  2. I love your castle guards. Tell AD he's a lucky man to have such diligence and dedication.

    We haven't had to worry about the field mice since we started taking care of feral cats! :D

  3. They are earning their keep. Everything needs a purpose. Makes them feel needed and part of your pack! Look how fixated they are.

    Keep warm.
    - Deborah

  4. Looks like you're well-protected! They're earning more of your homemade doggie treats!

  5. A stocking post! I love that. What a neat idea. We don't have a fireplace so the kids stocking got hung in some unusual places. That would have been great.

    I feel bad for the little critters that are outside in the cold and snow, but no I wouldn't want to share my house with them either!

  6. Don't you just love it when they catch one of those icky little critters ... and toss it up in the air ... in your living room ... where you were quietly reading? Do I sound bitter? :-)

  7. They look like they take their job very seriously!

  8. Beware mice of the fields!!!! way cute. ((hugs))

  9. LOL!! I love your little castle guards! I have some of my own ;-) and since we just took down our holiday stuff we'll happily overlook yours. mine is all still in boxes in the living room....

  10. The field mice are not just moving closer to the house, they are moving in. I've disposed of four already.