Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open For Business

Last weekend AD and I purchased a couple of bird feeders and some food. AD set a shepherd's hook, filled the feeders and hung them up. Then we waited for the birds to come. We watched and we waited. No birds came.

I told AD maybe we should put out a sign saying "Free Food." He just rolled his eyes. Later that night I gave him some stale bread to tear up and throw over the fence thinking that might lure some birds close to the feeders. Still no birds came.

This morning I looked out to see Mikey and his friend, Cosmo, eating the bread that was still on the ground.

It's a nice, sunny day today. Still no birds.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week looks like this.

Maybe the birds will make their way to the feeders when the predicted ice and snow is on the ground.


  1. Oh, once they find you they will get there quickly each & every time the food is put out. Mickey feeds the birds all the time and we often have 6 or 8 around the feeder at a time. He enjoys watching his birds and knows all the types. Me, I just know the obvious!!!

  2. You planted it--they will come! We set out bird feeders all around the house and get visits from all kinds of birds, depending on the time of the year and where they are in the migratory paths/transitions.

    Good luck! They will come!

  3. They will be happy in a day or two that the food is there!!! Take pictures!!

  4. They must be on their way to the Blissdom convention with the birds that are usually in my yard but suddenly no where to be found.

    Hope you have AD's camera set up!

  5. I am sure they'll get the message soon! Stay warm this week, looks mighty cold!

  6. Are you trying to give Smoke, Elliot, and Dani heart attacks? You do realize that they'll practically tear the doors down when they see birds flying around the feeders, right?

    Sorry. Just remembering how they react to invading squirrels.


  7. They will find it...first the crows, then the smaller birds. And do you have squirrels? Love the shepherd's hook, BTW.

  8. The indoor kids have pretty much become accustomed to birds landing in their back yard so I think they'll be ok. But since the bird feeders have been added we haven't seen bird one.

    Cherin, We don't have squirrels because we don't have trees although we do plan to plant some in the spring. We bought the shepherd's hook at Hobby Lobby.

  9. Mom and Dad (in Yukon, OK) have their bird feeder - a large plastic plant drainage tray, right on the ground outside their patio door. They also keep an old sauce pan full of water near by. Besides all the birds they have been surprised by squirrels and rabbits coming up to the house to dine. (The squirrels get escorted to the river.)
    I hope the birds find your feeder soon.

  10. Black oil sunflower seed works best. I've feed the birds year round for years and in the beginning I bought the mixed varieties and noticed they were picking out the black oil sunflower seeds so now that's all I buy. They will find the seeds and go tell their friends, soon you will have empty feeders!!!

    Have a great day filled with birdwatching and blessings!!!!

  11. I don't have many trees for the poor cold birds. I hope we miss the ice they are predicting!

  12. Sometimes it just takes a while for the little guys to find a new food source....once they do...look out. Remember that shampoo commercial where the one person tells this person and then they tell a couple more and so on and so on.....yep, trust me....they will come...and you will fill that feeder more than you ever wanted to. :)