Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unique Gifts

The other day in thinking about possible posts this week I realized that I'd never told you about some gifts AD and I gave for Christmas. Not large, expensive gifts but special ones for the special people in our lives.

Around Halloween I stumbled across the fact that I could send the Jones Soda Company photos and they would create labels, put them on their soda bottles (there are several flavors to choose from), and ship them to our house.

Giving unique, one-of-a-kind gifts is really fun for me and this was right up my alley.

So I sent in pictures of G1 and G2 in their turf cars. They both like orange pop so that's the flavor I went with.

There's even a place on the back of the label to customize it even more. We thought it would be a good idea to put the boys' wins on their respective bottles.

Had we known that G2 would be named 2009 Driver of the Year and receive the banner for most wins for the 2009 season, there would have been enough space to have that information printed on his label too.

Once the bottles were delivered I set about making a smaller version of a wine bag to put each of the bottles in. Checkered flag material was perfect and with one of my scrapbooking tools I was able to cut out the boys' car numbers lickety split and iron them onto the bags.

The anticipation of giving these special gifts was almost more than I could stand! They set in my closet for almost a month and I could hardly contain myself. At one point I thought I was going to break down and just give them out early but I refrained. And I'm glad I did.

Everyone that received the bottles seemed to really like them.

If you have any ideas for unique gifts, I'd love it if you'd share them with me.


  1. Great idea ! You smart cookie you!!

  2. I love these! How creative, and I know the Gs were thrilled! I bet you would have a hit on your hands with drawstring bags for jewelry like lanyards, necklaces, etc.

  3. Now those are special and really relate to your family! Like you, I like gifts that are unique-one-of-a-kind that can become an heirloom.

    Last year, we went with goody boxes and handmade cards. This year, we are looking at more handmade cards...but we haven't decided on a gift yet!

  4. This is WONDERFUL!!! How unique and very special. Thanks for sharing. Hope I can remember this for next year. Will you please remind me :o) !!!!!!

  5. What a neato idea!! I'm always up for something unique.

    What we have done in my extended family is to draw names. But that is just too boring; so we spice it up a bit. When you draw a person's name, you also get the initials of what that person wants. And then when we are together and the presents are opened there are some real surprises! We say "my initials are.... and what I got is...." Then the person who gives it tells how the initials fit. I don't know if this make sense.

    One year I put in NDB and received a New Denim Bag (with a New D-cup Bra) in it.

    I had wanted a New Defender's Bible.

    So this didn't exactly fit your blog on unique gifts - but I have seen a lot of unique gifts with this system!!

  6. What an awesome idea and how cute the bags turned out!

  7. That is a great gift idea! Why can't I ever think of cute things like that! LOL

  8. Cherin, I truly appreciate the compliment on the bottle bags but after I make a few of a craft item I tire of whatever it is and am ready to move on to something totally different. In fact I had to really push myself to get all the bottle bags completed.

    Brownie, I really like the drawing names with a twist idea and had a really good laugh over the new d-cup bra!

  9. That is such a great gift!! Wouldn't it be adorable to have them customized for a wedding, shower, or birthday? I am going to go browse the site!

    You really did a great job on the bags, too!

    Oh and thank you for the blog link. I am going to go look at it!

  10. Very creative!!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Gosh that is quite possibly the MOST unique gift EVER...Wow...

  12. Love this idea! And the homemade wine bags to go with them. Great idea! You are so creative!!