Monday, February 1, 2010

Scenes From the Weekend

One of the little creeks near our house.

A neighbor's mail box.

Ice and snow.

Our patio bench.



No pictures of Elliott. He likes to stay in where it's warm.

I hope you stayed warm this weekend.


  1. Poor dogs don't like to have to go out to do their business in this weather.

    Great pics.

  2. Burr! I love the stream and bench photos!

  3. Your pictures look alot like what we now have at our place.. It is pretty seeing all the snow, but...enough is enough, and here they are calling for possibly more snow coming our way on Wed. or Thursday?! Oh goodness, I am sooo ready for spring!!

    Your puppy dogs don't look too happy about going outside in all that snow either. Our two aren't they are always ready to come in shortly after they get outside!

    Have a great week!


  4. Poor Dani & Smoke :o) Great pictures. We are above freezing and ours is starting to melt. YEAH!!

  5. Your weekend pics would be great on notecards or postcards!

  6. Lil' smokie looks like he enjoys the snow while Dani would just rather skip it all together there.. Thank goodness Elliott, like Maggie are smart.. both on their beds, snuggled with an electric heading pad. Only place to be that's for sure.

    with love,


  7. Sweet photos, lovely winter scenes !
    Have a great week

  8. Cute puppies! Our snow is melting like crazy today, but more winter weather by week's end. I'm ready for spring and flowers and longer days!

  9. Oh what sweet little pups!

  10. Love the bench picture. I need to put my name on my photos.

    My dogs have loved the snow. Your look like they are tolerating it.=)

  11. We live so far apart, but our pictures look very similar! On a happy note, I noticed that it was still light at 6:30... YEA!

  12. lovely pictures! I guess you get a lot of snow in Oklahoma every winter, I hope you don't hate it! i remember living with my grandpa in Pennsylvania and loving snow, but really wishing for spring around now!

  13. Glad you and your family made it through the storm safe and sound! I've missed you! We had snow as well on Thursday but it's almost all melted away now!

  14. Great pictures! We have one that prefers staying under her afghan on the couch and only goes out if it's warm and the sun is shining!

  15. Aww, your poor pooches look like they should be named Frosty and Snowflake!
    I especially like the photo of the mail box.
    We had snow all day Saturday.
    Stay warm!

  16. Wow! You are a very talented photographer :)

  17. I'm just enjoying seeing snow pictures from other places for a change instead posting my own of Colorado snow. It seems like Oklahoma is getting a lot more snow these days than it did when I grew up there (of course that was a long time ago).

  18. oooooo! I can smell wet dog from here!

  19. Beautiful snowy pictures!
    Dani and Smoke are adorable with their little snowy faces.
    And those little paw prints are cute, too.