Friday, February 19, 2010

Looking Forward to Spring . . .

. . . because one of the things that arrives with Spring are these -

Peeps are my all-time favorite Easter treat. The one I so hoped would find their way into my Easter basket each year.

Somewhere along the way some of my Peeps got old and stale. No way was I going to throw a Peeps away and waste it. And SURPRISE!!!! I found that I liked them best that way. Since then, I've discovered there are many others out there that prefer their Peeps to be stale and kind of chewy.

I've been known to buy Peeps after Easter when they've already been on the store shelves for awhile, bring them home, put a tiny slit in the cellophane and then put the box into the cabinet to 'cure'. My oh my! Stale Peeps ROCK!

One year AD surprised me with my own Peeps Marshmallow Maker.

Another year a dear friend of mine presented me with Peeps lights.

I also have a stuffed Peeps chick and some Peeps pens.

This year Son called to tell me he found something new in the Peeps line at Walgreen's - chocolate covered Peeps!

So yesterday while AD and I were in town I had to drop in and check it out. AD and I shared a milk chocolate covered chick and it was very good. (Not to spoil it for anyone but when you bite into the chick, the inside is yellow.)

But this one - oh, my - DARK chocolate - this one is ALL mine. AD doesn't mind at all. He's not a fan of dark chocolate.

Do you like Peeps?


  1. Yes, I enjoy them but I like mine fresh.

  2. Chocolate covered Peeps sure got my attention. I will definitely look for them at our local Wal-Mart. My favorite Easter candies are the Sweet-Tart jelly beans.....yum.


  3. I love it.. and my daughter in-law just craves these babies.. in fact she'll nuke one in the microwave for 10 seconds to 'puff it up' a bit prior to eating. Sugar rush more like it.

    I'm not a peep lover, just like the shapes that they create. But I do love Fannie Mae candies though.. hint hint.. heehee.

    Let's look forward to spring!!

    with love,

  4. I can't wait to try a chocolate covered Peep! Look out Walgreens, here I come!


  5. Peeps are the cutest thing! Never actually eaten one but they are cute!

  6. I'm not a peep lover by any means and being the mean mom I am, I never bought them for my son when he was younger. My husband buys them for himself...and gratefully tells me "The are made with HFC syrup--that's poison to you!"


    Glad you find your bit of sunshine!

  7. Peeps !!!
    Love peeps I always have,its refresing to actually know someone else who is an adult who like them too and is willing to admit it!!
    I wish they would make white ones.. my daughter loves them but is allergic to food color esp the color red its a total nono for her.
    So I have to eat hers ! LOL!!

  8. those chocolate covered ones look VERY interesting!

  9. I like Peeps too, but I try to avoid them now. That dark chocolate one would be my favorite though!!! Love dark chocolate!

  10. Jerri, I looked at our Walmart but they didn't have them. Maybe yours will.

    Cathryn, You gotta do what you think is best for your kids.

    Diane, I'm old enough to remember when they did have white Peeps and they even had little wings back then. Too bad they don't have them now.

  11. Debby I love Peeps!! I have very fond memories of them because my mom would always buy them for me at Easter even as I became an adult. I have not seen the chocolate covered ones but you know I am gonna have to check out Walgreen's now and get sone. Kristin R.

  12. I hated Peeps as a child. My brother loved them and I always gave him mine. I just strted likeing them about 2 years ago...and yummy!

  13. They DO have white Peeps! I found some at Target the other day. They're egg-shaped, and they come with little tubes of frosting (probably gel, but I'm not sure) that you can decorate the eggs with.

    Stale peeps are the best--and the kids are beginning to agree with you and me.

    For those that can't eat them because of the sugar, Walgreens has sugar-free Peeps. Three to a pack, and I think they're roughly 70 cents each. Not exactly the same texture, but they're close. I have no idea if they're good stale or not. I haven't been willing to try them that way. But for those who can't eat regular ones because of the HFCS, you could certainly try these. Pretty tasty!

    (And the dark chocolate covered Peep was YUM-O!!!!)

  14. Howdy Sweet Lady
    My oh my have I been busy.
    It seems when parenting parents there are no time outs ,nor measures of discipline you can use because after all they are your parents and not really spoiled children.
    Even if they do throw a lot of fits .
    I miss blogging and chatting with you ,I am so glad to know you still drop by even though I have been so out of it .
    What a year it has been and it's only February Yikes !
    My Mom is out of the Physical rehab center but only because she refused to stay .
    I came back to my home to take care of things and as soon as I was gone my parents descided I was being mean and so My Mom against her Drs. advise went home.
    Now we are back at square one again.
    My Sweet Aunt Jo has been dealing with it all until I can get back up to take over in person.
    I have not posted any of this because family members read my blog and I don't want to upset my parents more than I already have.
    Anyway that's my life these days parenting my parents .
    I loved your Peeps Post !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Big Hugs
    Blessings of joy to you .
    Happy Trails

  15. I know a girl that forgot to buy marshmellows...soo she used "peeps" on her sweet potatoes for Easter dinner.....Nope!...wasn't me!!

    Stay warm and enjoy....LindaMay

  16. For as long as I live I will think of my Gramma (who passed only a year ago) when I see PEEPS. When I was little they were 5 cents a box and she would spring for them as special treats for all of her grandkids. Always yellow back then...don't remember any other color! And much better than they are today.

    I even liked them stale.

    Your post make me smile...and miss my Grams even more.


  17. Peeps are my favorite Easter candy too!

  18. Chocolate covered peeps??? Oh, Hubby's gonna love these! Thanks for the heads up. Now, let's get ya signed up for Peeps Antonymous!!! LOL!

    God bless and enjoy your Saturday!!!


  19. Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? I'm in.


  20. Did you not get the heart PEEPs for Valentine's Day?? Check you grocery store for any left overs.
    Hope you find a pink heart PEEP just for you.

  21. i'm not a peep gourmet, but most everyone loves them, so they always are put in basekts!

  22. I thought it was interesting what I saw on tv about where and how peeps are made...

  23. I think I must have had a traumatic experience as a child with Peeps, cause I absolutely do not like them. It's a sickness, isn't it?

  24. I like plain marshmallows a bit on the stale side, too :)

  25. Oh my goodness! My husband HAS to have Peeps every Easter. Wait until I tell him that there are chocolate colvered Peeps! We have a Walgreens just 3 blocks from us. I bet he wipes them out. And that Peeps maker, gotta find one of those!

  26. Oooh I love me some peeps! Why can't they sell them little debbils all year round?