Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Temporary Fix

Two months ago this very day, AD bought me a new computer with this large monitor. SO NICE!

Sunday night I worked on the computer and everything was fine and dandy.

Yesterday when I turned on the monitor the left side of it was very dark and then a second later the whole screen went black.

So I turned the computer off, let it sit a little while, and turned it back on thinking that might possibly fix the problem. Nope! It did the very same thing again.

I called AD and he said to just wait until he got home to check everything out. He knows I'm not too good with hardware issues.

If I couldn't see the screen, then I couldn't blog.

When AD got home he unplugged everything, plugged all back in but still no go. So he got this old monitor and set it up. It worked. That meant the new monitor was bad.

Next we dug out the receipt where we purchased the computer. There was a 90 day return policy. Great! We could return it and get another one. AD only wanted to return the monitor, otherwise he'd have to strip all the software we'd loaded and reformat the hard drive. He called the store.

Unfortunately they no longer carried this particular model. Imagine that! We could return everything for a full refund (with the receipt of course) and then purchase another computer. AD said he'd get back to them on that.

Then he called the manufacturer and talked to the tech people. Long story short - they're sending me a new monitor and we'll return the bad one. Excellent service, we thought.

So for now, I'm using this little, old monitor, hoping that it doesn't decide to do a nose-dive on me. And I'm happy. I can blog again.


  1. hmm... Glad you're up and running, but I had a problem with your page. Maybe it was a one-time glitch. There was no place to comment. I finally clicked on the posting time and the comment box popped up! Weird! Glad you've got a new monitor coming.

  2. Wooooooooooohoooooooo! You're back! I'm so glad! I remember the time my monitor died. It started a whole ball of wax for me. A week after we got my new monitor up and running, my processor died. Replaced it and I was happy. Three days later, my powerpack took a hike. That took a bit longer to replace but D got it up and running in 48 hours. I was finishing up a job. The next day, my hard drive started feeling left out. D saved what he could--especially my job folder and we burned everything to CD. Two minutes after finished burning the last CD, the hard drive gave it up.

    Been there. I feel for you!

  3. I have had to do that also. I called the store and they say NO, so I called the manufacturer and got a new one no questions asked.
    I am glad that you are getting a new one.

  4. WHat a pain! Sorry. I have 2 laptops sitting in my house without working screens. They need to fix these problems, don't they. :0)

  5. computer glitches are a pain! we got a virus in ours a few months ago and lost all our photos:( Our son in law is a computer genius so we call him for help and he always does!

  6. So good to hear that they honored your return exchange..

    I am so glad that my daughter has her laptop here in Az. that I can use while visiting her, and especially when she is working her 12 hour nursing shifts! I know I'd be totally lost without having a computer to use! I can only keep interested with watching tv only so long, and then I want to do something different.


  7. Mine broke down just before Christmas and I had to get a new monitor, this new one seems to be just fine, and the old one like yours just went black and didnt recover ,and I didnt know this but my kids had bought me for Christmas a new laptop.. hehehe... so now I have options !!

  8. Glad you got your computer issue worked out. Since I have started blogging and using my computer more, I feel lost without it. This is my first visit to your blog. I find it very interesting. I would like to feature you on my Pink Saturday blog this week. Beverly, our hostess for that occasion, likes us to introduce someone we have not visited before each Pink Saturday.

  9. Hey OK Granny,

    I was reading your profile and see that you like NASCAR. Any favorites?

  10. Don't you just love technology? Love that big monitor and glad you're getting a replacement without a lot of hassle.

  11. Oh I do so understand. My ancient Dell bit the dust so I am using my son's ancient Dell until my brand spanking new laptop arrives on Friday! Chee Hoo for you and me!!

  12. Howdy Sweet Lady
    I am so sorry to hear about your monitor.
    My hubby and I went through this last year and finally got it resolved.
    I miss the days you could just go back to the store and things were taken care of in house and with a smile !
    Looking forward to many more awesome new posts once your new Monitor arrives .
    I also wanted to thank you for hanging in there with me as I continue to blog at random .
    I will be taking care of my Mom full time as soon as we can work out the details .
    So I am going to blog all I can this week and try to get around blogland and visit with all you awesome ladies who have blessed my life so abundantly.
    Blessings of joy to you and yours .
    Big Hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  13. Computers are sure great when they are working right, but a nightmare when they're not cooperating.
    Tonight I just installed one of those cameras on mine so I can video chat. We talked to one of our daughters and her husband and could see them too which was so cool since we only see them a few times each year. Now I'll have to get connected with the rest of my kids.
    Hope you get your replacement monitor working good. But at least you can keep blogging -- once you start it's hard to stop.

  14. Hey, good fix! Well done.

  15. Good thinking on AD's part.
    I hope the smaller screen don't strain your eyes too much. tee hee