Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

We arrived at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks around 2:30 or so on Saturday afternoon.

G3 and G4 looked over some aquarium information with AD.

I could have watched these incredible jelly fish all day long.

Honestly, I didn't read too many of the signs that were around telling about the various water creatures. So I have no idea what the name of these little guys are but they were totally creepy.

This fish totally grabbed my attention. Just incredible!

There were lots of "Nemos" around. This one was the biggest one we saw.

There's a sort of tunnel that everyone walks through. The sharks swim on either side and over the top of you giving everyone a pretty up close and personal encounter with them.

These white fuzz balls reminded me of cotton.

This guy was huge - well, I've never seen a snail (that's what it is, right?) this big!

Look at this albino turtle. So cool!

I don't know how many clicks of the camera it took to get this shot. Beavers swim really, really fast and turn on a dime. Try as I might, I never did get a good shot of the otters. Maybe next time.

These little creatures all moved around with what appeared to be their tongues hanging out.

These shimmering colored fish were called Downlookers or something like that. It's easy to see why.

These last little creatures looked like they'd been shocked with electricity.

We definitely want to visit this incredible Oklahoma attraction again sometime.


  1. Did they get to pet some rays?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Here we live with it almost in our back yard and have never been!!!

  3. great pictures! i just love aquariums so thanks for the tour ;-)

  4. Parsley, The rays were very popular that day. So many kids were wanting to touch them I couldn't get close enough. That's ok though because it just gives me another reason to go again.

  5. Fantastic photographs! Reminds me of when my son and I went to the Denver Aquarium. Pretty amazing animals live in our waters, huh?

  6. Thank you for visiting me and the sweet comments.

    I know exactly where Bartlesville is because I have family there. It is a nice town. It really is a small world.

    We have always wanted to go to the aquarium but have never made. It's not that far from us so maybe one day.

    Have a great day!!!!

  7. Great pictures thanks for sharing!

  8. You did a great job with the pictures!! Gosh...I love that place

  9. They have beavers at the aquarium??? How cool is that? I've been wanting to go...now, I must make Rick take me ~ and soon!

  10. I love the jellyfish photos! You take beautiful photographs!!!

  11. oooh! pretty pictures!!

  12. Awesome photos. Gives you something to think about when you go in the ocean, doesn't it!

  13. We love aquariums. We visited the one in Charleston, SC the last time we were there. I'd love to go again.
    That last picture you said looked like they'd been shocked by electricity. Could be something scared them. You know, AHHHHHHH! tee hee

  14. What awesome pictures!!!

  15. Wow! Your photos are amazing!

  16. Hello! I'm new to your blog. We share some of the same readers. I love the photos of the jelly fish!

    I'll be adding myself as a follower of your blog. When you have time, check my blog out.

  17. I love your colorful photos! My grandkids love the aquarium too!

  18. Those were amazing photos.
    I would love visit there someday.
    Thanks for the tour.

  19. how fun and how sweet to "take us along" your outing. at first i couldn't see the albino turtle - way cool - all of it.

    big hugs!

  20. Am tempted to turn some of these pictures into the desktop background. Amazing. Funny you mentioned chipmunks in your recent comment on my blog. One of the little stinkers has come out of hibernation and is gobbling up sunflower seeds even as I write this. How could anybody shoot one?