Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rockwell!

If you googled anything today then you'll know that today is the 116th anniversary of Norman Rockwell's birth (born 2-3-1894, died 11-8-1978). Maybe you knew that anyway.

Even as a kid growing up I loved Rockwell's art. His Saturday Evening Post covers were my favorites. He also created works for other publications such as Boys Life, Popular Science and Life.

In January, 2005, we visited Rockwell's America, an incredible touring exhibit that stopped at Oklahoma City's Omniplex (now known as Science Museum Oklahoma.) It was wonderful seeing all these magazine covers in one display.

It was indeed a treat to see and experience the magazine covers brought to life in an amazing 3-D exhibit.

These are just a few of several hundred photos I took on our visit.

This is one of my all-time favorites and happens to be the one that is shown on the Google page today.

There were interactive displays too. This soda shop display for example.

AD and I enjoyed sitting at the counter with this young couple.

G3 (seated at the desk) and G4 (at the teacher's desk) had a good time experiencing the exhibit too although they may not remember it now.

AD even got to play a bit.

I loved this quote from Steven Spielberg.

According to the exhibit website the tour is currently in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and it appears to be the last stop of the tour. The exhibit at the King of Prussia Mall concludes March 14. If you're in that area and are a Rockwell fan I'd encourage you to take the opportunity to experience it.

If that's not possible you can take a virtual tour of the exhibit by going to the website and clicking on 'View Exhibition Walk-through'.

Norman Rockwell's America - what a time that was!

Mr. Rockwell, I thank you for the art you left behind.


  1. I love Norman Rockwell. The very first piece I cross stitched was a Rockwell. I also have one of his pieces hanging in my bathroom. What talent........


  2. I love Norman Rockwell too, I don't know anyone who hasen't seen at least one of his creations.The virtual tour was wonderful .. thanks !

  3. I loved Rockwell artwork.
    I thought the inactive one with G3 &4 were adorable.
    thanks for sharing.
    Oh by the way if Phil was in our area Tues he would not have seen his shadow as you need

  4. Now that's an amazing tribute to a wonderful artist who captured the American Dream! Thank you for sharing!

    I love your blog because you take us all on these fascinating tours that we might not ever experience otherwise! Please continue! :D

  5. Thanks for the tour. Because "iGoogle" doesn't do the creative logos, if you hadn't mentioned this, I would have totally missed it.

  6. Love it! His painting "The Gossip" is my favorite. It reminds me of every office I've ever worked in!

  7. That looks so awesome. What fun

  8. I didn't know this was his birthday. We picked up two books from the library last week about him. The boys had to show-n-tell today about which three pictures they liked best. How weird that this occurred on his birthday.
    I also copied and painted one of his S.E.P. pictures onto a trash can in high school to win a painting contest. It was the group of boys arguing about their basketball game.
    Norman Rockwell tells the story of Americal better than anyone else.

  9. I also really enjoy Norman Rockwell pictures. They each hold a story and fascinate me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. He was a mirror of American life. I too am a fan of Rockwell. His cousin owned a home on the NJ shore and he often spent time here.
    Thank you for sharing. Such an interesting post.

  11. WoW. the museum really brings Norman Rockwell's art to life. I am so glad ya'll got to experience it! What a treat, this chick is just a little environs.

    Ya'll have a fantastically blessed day!!!

  12. Hoping you are ok...I LOVE the picture in your header...BEAUTIFUL...

  13. Hello Oklahoma Granny...
    Sweetie I am an Arizona Grammy. I grew up in Enid, Oklahoma and when I was blog hopping, your title intriqued me ofcourse being an Okie (previously). My family all still live there, but my husband and I made it out of Oklahoma alive 26 years ago. Leaving was the right choice for us, their just were no good jobs there. My other families are all retired and their homes are paid for, so they can make a living there.

    Love your visit to the Norman Rockwell museum. Looks like you and AD had a wonderful time. I love it when folks take trips and bring us along with their photos. I love it.

    I love the one of the young couple at the soda shop. I love the new interpretation best. So precious sweetie. So precious.

    I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next. Please let me know where in Oklahoma you all are at. I love the scenery and it brings me home to view it.

    I would be so honored if you stopped by for tea and to say hi. I would be honored if you signed up to follow my blog as well. I am having a drawing for my 200th post. Please sign up for it as well. I have a button on my scrollbar for it.

    Take care sweetie. Happy Friday and country hugs...Sherry

  14. He captured an era in art, didn't he?

    Of a slower time. Softer. Maybe sweeter.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Sweet dreams.

  15. Hi! So happy to have found your site! I LOVE Norman Rockwell! So so much. This was great! Thank you.

  16. What an interesting place to visit!
    Which I had even half his talent.

  17. Hi! Found you @ The Zhush and I am so glad - I LOVE Norman Rockwell & did not know that it was his birthday. I have been thinking about doing a post about his art & you have inspired me! Thanks!