Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's In My Purse

Angela from Pickles on Pizza was tagged by one of her blogger buddies to show what was in her purse. Then she tagged me along with a few other folks.

So here it is -

I have 4 of these particular purses. I bought them (not all at once but over 4 years) at a fall craft show in Arkansas.

From left to right: my hair pick, car keys, some free instructions sheets from Hobby Lobby, my wallet, a date book, a little case with nail clippers, etc in it (it's at least 20 years old), my checkbook, a medicine bottle, 2 receipts from Sonic, a couple of mints from a local bank, 3 pens (2 ball point and 1 gel), and a baggie with some other keys in it.

Did you notice the flap on the side of my purse. There's one on each side that cover a couple of pockets. I need pockets although there's nothing in them.

Oops! Forgot to include my coin purse - er, sock. It's from Little Miss Matched. I hate carrying change because it gets heavy but if I have to, then it goes in here.

I had to show you the inside of my purse once everything was back in it. See the pockets on both sides. They are what sold me on these purses in the first place. And I do use these pockets a lot! One for my cell phone, one for my coin purse, one for my gel pen, one for my nail clippers and one for my hair pick. Sometimes other things get stowed in them too.

That's it - my purse.

If you'd care to share - What's in yours?


  1. My checkbook, wallet, hair brush, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, mini-flashlight, mini-rosary, lip balm, mirror, and I must confess, an empty wrapper from a Reese's Chocolate egg and boy was it good!!!!!!!!!


  2. I only carry a few cards in a very small card holder.Only on holidays do I take a purse when you need more with you.
    Yours is neat,I keep mine pretty neat too.

  3. Oh, I'd be embarrassed to say what's in mine after seeing yours all neat and organized!

  4. I always like the idea of pockets but end up just tossing everything in. Thanks for showing me your purse ;)

  5. seems like a nice orderly purse to me! Mine is a huge mess most if the time!

  6. I carry a brief case maybe once a week. It holds my lesson book, text book, dry-erase markers, pens, pencil, my keys, flashlight, an umbrella, and starting soon, my Fuze. :D

  7. uhhh... I'm not going to show my purse, not even going to attempt to list the items. It's messy. But I LOVE your purse. I'm going to have to look closer and see if I can copy that pattern :)

    BTW - I probably have some Hobby Lobby instruction sheets in mine, too. Mine would be crocheting :)

  8. my purse is a disaster so i will not share ;-)

  9. Honestly, I don't think I have the courage to show you what is in my purse.

  10. Absolutely everything from a survival knife to bandages. I carry an itty~bitty organizer (Type~A ya know) purse but Hubby tells everybody I can live a week out of that thing! Heeeheehe!

    God bless and have yourself a fantastic day, sweetie!!!

  11. I wouldn't be brave enough to show all what's in my purse! LOL

  12. Howdy
    Wow you are organized girl !
    What a great purse you have.
    I think I might need to go clean mine out :)
    This was a super fun post .
    I love the photo of the old bridge ,I miss the old bridges of my childhood days .
    I drove around one afternoon after leaving my mom's hospital room to go look around and try to get some photos of all the old bridges from my childhood and sad to say they were all gone .
    Thank you for sharing this awesome photo .
    Big Hugs
    Happy Trails

  13. Funny thing as I change out purses frequently and today when I was at the grocery store they handed me a new 'shopping card' and a store clerk slipped it into my bag for me.. however, we needed once again to finish a transaction and after going through my purse, the Manager went through it.. I was shocked, like he knew me or something and had no qualm of it. Hubs knows better not to even touch my purse.. and here a stranger was searching for a dratted card.

    He's at home now.. healing a maimed arm.

    with love,

  14. yeah, Im not really even sure where mine is right now, lol. Great post and lovin how organized you are! Im also in Ok, just outside Tulsa. where abouts are you? xoxo LA

  15. Quick note on the clippers: if you borrow them, you must IMMEDIATELY return them to Mom after you're done. She's carried them forever, and I think they're probably her favorite possession.

    And yes, I know this from experience.

    Love you, Mom!

  16. I bought those little sock purses in Guthrie one year for the grandkid's Christmas stockings. How cute are they?