Friday, March 12, 2010

Even Lovelier "In Real Life"

Last September I made a new friend. She lives in New Mexico, the 48th state to join the Union. Oklahoma was the 47th state.

I met Cathryn through her blog, Chile Cats. Besides having house cats, Cathryn and her husband do a remarkable job of helping the feral cats in their area.

Cathryn also creates beautiful jewelry and on occasion shares pictures of her work on her blog.

A couple of weeks ago she contacted me saying she had been curious about who made the very first comment when she started her blog. She checked it out and found I was her very first commenter! WOW!

Even more of a WOW - a triple WOW - was the fact that Cathryn wanted to send me a pair of the lovely earrings she makes. Just because I was her very first commenter! She even sent me pictures and let me choose which pair I'd like to have. It was an extremely hard decision.

Look what came in the mail with my name on it. What a lovely card and sweet, sweet lavender pouch.

Inside the pouch were the earrings that I picked from the photos she sent me.

They truly are lovelier "in real life" than in photos. And believe me, I took a lot of pictures trying to capture just how beautiful they are. It was just impossible to get the perfect photo. The top beads with the little curly-q's on them are actually iridescent and pick up colors that are around them. I had them sitting near some of my Easter decorations causing one of the beads to shimmer yellow and the other pink.

I could go on and on about them all day. If you haven't visited Cathryn before, why don't you stop by her blog today. Check out her archives to see some of her other creations. You'll be glad you did.

In closing I just want to say -

Cathryn, Thank you so much for the earrings. You are a wonderful, generous, caring and creative woman. Even though we've never met in person, I'm proud to count you among my blogging friends. Just like the earrings, I'm sure you're even lovelier "in real life."

PS. For everyone else reading this post - tuck the fact that New Mexico was the 48th state to join the Union away in the back of your brain. There might be a test someday and you'll want to know that answer.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Blogging buddies are the best!

  2. Cathryn sounds like a sweet person I am going over there to visit!

  3. The earring are simply adorable...That was so nice to receive..Ok Granny you are truly a sweet person. We all know that..

  4. Such a nice tribute to Cathryn! If only everyone were as kind, caring and creative as she is!

  5. The earrings are very beautiful. What a nice thing for Cathryn to do. Doesn't it amaze you reading these blogs the talent that women have? Jerri

    P.S. I will remember New Mexico was the 48th state.......

  6. what a sweet idea to send you those lovely earrings for being her first commenter! Sounds like a lovely gal!

  7. I'm just getting around to reading my favorite blogs and saw this lovely, humbling post! Thank you Granny for such a wonderful post! You just made an awful day I was having into a sunny one! Thank you again!

  8. I will pop over to Cathryn's blog. What a wonderful gesture from a wonderful friend. Blogging is full of the most creative, clever, talented and loving people. I remember (a few months ago) when I was new how welcoming you were to me. It made all the difference. Thank you.


  9. That was so sweet of her! I still remember getting my first comment! I blogged all alone for about 2 months- just chatting to myself- then all of a sudden someone left a comment and I was amazed that someone was actually reading about my boring life!

  10. I have no idea who was the first person to comment on one of my blog posts. Must investigate. Just stop with the blog posts about real cheesecake. I love real cheesecake rather than the "shortcut version" which find rather sickening. I gained 5 pounds just looking at it.

  11. How blessed you are in finding such a lovely friend. She is very creative and your earrings are beautiful. Not many would do anything like that. I will check her blog out. Thank you for your visit. Always happy to have you drop by. Michael's email address for the bulb I featured today Web site: I assume he is still there.

  12. The earrings are beautiful! What a nice gesture!

    okay..... Oklahoma 47th state... check
    New Mexico 48th state....check

  13. I still remember my first commenter too...

    I've enjoyed getting to know Cathryn in blogland too.

    Don't forget to change your clock!
    Have a relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  14. The friends we make in cyberspace, what fun. I count you as one of mine. Great earrings? I hope to see a photo of you wearing them. By the way,
    the cheesecake made me drool.

  15. How sweet was that? Love the earrings. On my way to check out her blog....

  16. Congratulations!
    They are very pretty!
    Okay, 48th state, safely tucked.