Friday, March 19, 2010

This IS Oklahoma After All

This is what we have - possibly HAD - planned for this weekend. One of our local tracks is - possibly WAS - having a special race weekend. (The season officially kicks off April 3. Yes, I know that's Easter weekend, but I'm not the promoter and have no say in those matters.)

Side note: The races are outdoors but the only fairly current photos I have of G1 and G2 racing are from the February World of Wheels races in Wichita Falls, TX.

G1 and G2 have their turf cars ready to race. G2 has his Pure Stock ready to go too.

This is the current 7 day forecast. Today is supposed to be a nice one. Tomorrow - not so nice.

Can you believe that on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING Northeast Oklahoma has a 90% chance of SNOW????

The official word reads:

"...Winter storm watch now in effect from Saturday morning through Sunday evening...

The National Weather Service in Tulsa has adjusted the timing of the Winter Storm Watch and it is now in effect from Saturday morning through Sunday Evening.

For the following counties...

*In Oklahoma...Washington...Osage...Nowata and Pawnee.

Hazardous Weather...
*Rain will change to sleet and snow across Northeast Oklahoma late tonight and Saturday. The snow will become heavy at times Saturday evening through Sunday morning.

*Snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches will occur across much of the watch area...with locally higher amounts possible.

*Roads...bridges...and overpasses may become slick and hazardous in the watch area...making travel treacherous, power outages are possible.

Precautionary/Preparedness Actions...
*Consider changing travel plans. Make sure you have an adequate supply of food...water and the necessary medication to last through the duration of the winter storm."

There was a play day yesterday evening and AD went up to help where he could. He said there are already some big rigs that have pulled in for the event.

Daughter just called and said the promoters are at the track trying to come to a decision whether to postpone the race weekend or continue on and see what happens.

Time will tell.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Whatever it is - I hope snow doesn't have an impact on them!


  1. I blogging friend from Stillwater shows a forecast map from channel 4 in OKC on her post that shows up to 14" possible. Crazy!!!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you have/had wonderful plans and now the yucky weather may mess it up! It's supposed to be springy here in Florida until rain comes in Sun. and cools things back down. I've got plenty of cleaning and chores to do but I sure would LUV it if hubby would suggest us going out tonight or Sat night. I hope you're able to enjoy the wknd, whatever you end up doing.

  3. wow! 72 to 32 in one day! Here in Alabama it is supposed to be 74 on sat and 60 on Sunday! Hope to think of a fun day trip on sat!
    hope you survive the spring snow storm :(

  4. Good Morning Sweetie...
    I spoke to Daddy and Moma yesterday (they are in Enid) and they too were buckling down preparing for the great Spring snow to arrive. Daddy said the darn wind was sure up again. I do not envy you all. I do not miss the cold

    Here in Phoenix we have been having 80 degree weather all week. It is warm and beautiful. Just perfect for gardening. I will think of you today as I garden.

    Looks like those little race cars would be so much fun. I am sure you enjoy each and every minute of them. I would love watching them.

    Have a beautiful Friday sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  5. It's snowing just a tiny bit here, the weekend is supposed to be cold - I think that's supposed to be good news for the flood fighters.

    Otherwise my plan is to list to the Bible Conference - either by going there or listening online.

    I have been listening to it from home - in the comfort of my robe. Might actually clean up and go in later.

    Probably doesn't have the excitement of races - but it invigorates my mind!

    There's also a homeschool confeerence going on and the Circus in town!

    Never let it be said that a flood will slow us down!!

  6. Im making chicken corn soup and watching it snow and taking pictures of birds...yes that will be what I do...

  7. We're supposed to get snow as well! Serious snow depths of up to a foot! I was going to get out and plot my garden, but no chance this weekend. I'll stay indoors and bake tons of cookies!

  8. Gosh, I'm so not ready for having any more snow here in Oklahoma! I am very anxious for it to stay warm and nice out here, like today! It has been a beautiful day!

    I loved the weather when I was out in Phoenix, Az. visiting with my daughter, a week or so ago. It was real nice and warm.. and was on its way to getting in the 80's, which is real wonderful! I hope that kind of weather is close by for us real soon!!


  9. Yes, snow on the first day of Spring! Go figure. They say 4 inches or more. I can hardley believe it!

  10. I just found your question about the doggie button on my sidebar. All that is a a saved picture. Just right click on the picture and save it to your computer. Then under gadgets...add a will appear....if you need more detailed help, just email me.... smelkoski (at) yahoo(dot)com

    sorry it took me so long to answer.

  11. Nice weather here in NC. We're having a family birthday dinner Sunday so that will be fun. Tomorrow will be same old stuff, but at least I won't be at work! Take pictures of the snow!

  12. Nice weather here. Family birthday dinner Sunday. Tomorrow chores and stuff but at least not at work. Take pictures of your snow!

  13. Oh what an awful weather report. Here in AZ. it was 82 today it was so nice out, it just means summer will be awfully hot lol.

    I am glad you stopped over, sorry it has been so long since I have blogged just had time today and thought why not, cause I miss you guy.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. I heard you were going to get some snow...we have rain and snow coming this weekend too. Mother nature is such a's been beautiful this week.

  15. It is snowing in Northeast Kansas tonight. I slid home from work. We are expecting up to 5 inches between now and Sunday morning. So much for my yard sale. We are diehards, garage door will be open.
    Just as Will Rogers said, "Oklahoma weather, just wait a minute and it will change."(paraphrased)

  16. yep, girl we woke up to snow this morning and are expecting more...but it always snows in march as if to tweak our noses one last time. LOL.

  17. I can't believe here in PA, we're having better nicer weather. It really has been beautiful here.

  18. Oh no, say it aint snow! We've had three days in the 70s in NJ. It's like that here - bitter cold and snow to HOT with little to no in between. Too hot, too fast means too many saber toothed green head flies. They are aggressive meat eaters!
    But snow?! We had snow one easter and I remember thinking it made searching for colored eggs a lot easier!
    Sending some sunshine your way, my friend.


  19. We ended up with 6 inches yesterday. No gardening for me so instead I planned my garden. A girl can dream.

  20. We had 14" of snow being your neighboring state. It is cold but should be gone by Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully.

    Have a great week.


  21. We had snow in the forecast, but it changed before it got here! Rain tonight and tomorrow, but it was a gorgeous day today. But it's Ohio, so who knows about next weekend!

  22. Thank you so much for your wonderful kind words during this trying time. I hate that there are people out there taking advantage of others.

    Thank you for being a wonderful blog friend.

    Hugs, and have a great week.

  23. We have had more than our share of bad weather here lately. I had plans for Saturday, but had to stay home by the fire. There will be a better day for us soon.

  24. No snow here, only rain. THANK GOODNESS! I am ready to say good-bye to winter for this year. And HELLO SPRING!