Monday, February 7, 2011

With More To Come

Last Wednesday AD got the tractor out and cleared our drive while

Mikey played

and frolicked

in the snow.

Later AD got the 4-wheeler out to take Mikey on a run.

On the way back in he got stuck in the snow. AD was glad he wasn't far from the house and his shop.

Our little guys got out to play some too after AD cut them a path through the snow.

Smoke seemed to have the most fun of the three. At least he was the one who liked going out in the deeper snow. Elliott and Dani pretty much stayed in the area where there was a little grass.

You can see how much Smoke enjoyed himself. 

Dani somehow managed to get some snow on her face and back. Elliott never did come in with any of the cold, white stuff on his body.

After being stuck at home most of the week AD and I decided to go to Tulsa for the Boat, Sport and Travel Show on Saturday.

Before we left he wanted to take Mikey for a run. They usually make a lap or two around the front 10 acres when they go out.

AD told Mikey he was going to follow him so to be sure and not go where the snow was too deep. See the corner posts back behind the pond? Yep. Mikey led AD right out there. And. AD. Got. Stuck. REALLY good and stuck! It took using the tractor to get the 4-wheeler out. 

So much for Mikey's navigational skills!

More snow is forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday. The prediction is 4 to 10 more inches for our area. I know I'll be thinking back to these days come summer time and the thermometer reading is on the other end of the stick.


  1. Looks like everyone is having a good time! Smoke is a sweetie pie. More snow?? Oh, poor you. We haven't had much at all this year. Stay warm.

  2. My fur babies had mixed reviews on the snow. The big ones thought it was just fine but the little ones, not so much!

    I can't believe we are going to get more! ugh!

  3. Yes, we will be thinking of these days of double negative digits and inches and inches of snow when the summer temperatures are soaring! Mikey had a lot of fun, didn't he??? I bet AD dis as well, despite getting stuck! Dani, Elliot, and Smoke are too cute for words! Stay warm and toasty!

  4. Sounds like you are going to get what we are to get tonight and Tuesday. We are going to have high winds also. BLIZZARD CONDITIONS AGAIN. GRRRR!
    I love to see the furry ones out enjoying the snow.
    Our little guy don't care for it much at all.
    Hope you stay safe and warm.

  5. I despise snow and cold so badly that when the temps reach the upper nineties every summer, I keep my mouth shut and smile! That being said, I am NOT looking forward to what Tuesday and Wednesday bring for us. Nor am I looking forward to going to school in June to make up for the lost days this February. At this point, I really don't care, as long as The Hub gets better.


  6. The pups look like they had some good exercise! It's hard on the little ones to go through all that, I'll bet they were happy they had a play yard!

    Our day started out with rain and now we are having snow - it's like frozen mist blowing. Sigh....

  7. I love your all your dogs. Smoke has lots of spunk! I took Scout out yesterday and today around our back property down to the river. It's the first time since Dec that I've been able to. Stay warm and safe!

    Your Friend,

  8. Seems all had a good time...but yes it is time for the white stuff to stop. The storm that you'll be getting on Tueday-Wednesday will be visiting us on Thursday. Can't you just keep it there?

  9. Here we go again with the snow! They are saying 4-10" they don't know do they??? The pups look like they had a great time and you are so lucky to have the equipment to get you un-stuck! I agree with what you said today on my blog, the boys got a good math lesson with the cars! Jackson has been car crazy since day one. Stay warm...

  10. What a cutie!!! The pictures are great ... I know you are ready for the weather to warm up.
    God bless you my friend.

  11. Shoot, I used a shovel! Heeehehe!!! It was great exercise. It's so fun to watch a dog frolic in the snow Tiger the Wonder Dog just goes crazy.

    Yep, we too have another 3-6 inches predicted. Enough already!!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and stay cozy!!! :o)

  12. Boy, you guys were brave to get out Saturday to go to T-town to see the boat show. We heard the streets and roads were horrible.

  13. My Oliver who's a yorkie too loves deep snow. He jumps like a rabbit thru it. LOL

    Loved seeing the pics of the dogs and AD playing in the snow.

  14. I just love the countryside where you live. Wide open spaces where doggies can run and be happy. While I know you're tired of snow, you seem well-equipped to handle it. Spring is coming, says the groundhog!

  15. Help Me, Granny! Help! Help! Me Granny!!!

    The thought of anymore snow has in me in the PITS!



  16. I've about had enough, and am ready for spring!
    My dog is not as happy in the snow as yours.

    I am sure spring will be here before we know it.

  17. What beautiful pictures. Hope you guys had a good time in Tulsa. Please be safe and I look forward to more beautiful pictures. God bless

  18. I love the pictures, especially the ones with Mikey - since I was born and raised in Florida, snow is always a source of excitement for me, even at 40 years old.

  19. Aw what a cute picture of Smoke! I can't believe y'all are getting MORE snow!! They have it predicted for here to on Wednesday - but at this point, I don't believe it anymore. They haven't been right once as far as we are concerned! I hope you are not getting cabin fever!

  20. Love the pictures. Can you believe all the snow we're getting from coast to coast this year? Unbelievable. One of our fur babies loved the snow and our little Boston thought he was possessed when his paws got stuck! Stay warm, Mollye

  21. Your pictures are just terrific!!

    Yes, alas, the storm will come again...I believe I will be at home tomorrow and i think Im going to bake some bread...

  22. OK Granny,
    I think the pictures of Smoke are absolutely adorable; what a great look on his face :)
    Thanks for the get well wishes...I feel somewhat better but certainly not ready to kick up my heels and go dancing! But it seems I have no worries re: my blog, Miss Angel-Kitty seems to have it all under control now, doesn't she?
    we may get a dusting of snow tomorrow morning so we'll see if we have a delay in the start of fingers are crossed as it would be lovely to sleep in :)

  23. Our dogs, except for dachsund Ginger, have a blast in the snow. I'm getting a little tired of it by now. I wished I had gone to boat show, but not to be this year.

  24. As you know, I'm a cat person myself, but I always enjoy the photos of your cute dogs. I hope you all are staying warm!

  25. I think you all got more snow than we did out here. The storm this week wasn't near as bad as last either.
    I'm just ready for SPRING!

  26. I'm so done with snow! I'm hoping our area has seen the last of it! I just LOVE Mikey! Our Lab is so old that he can't enjoy playing outside like he used to or he hurts too bad at night... :(

  27. Looks like the four-legged ones had a lot of fun.
    Not sure about A.D.....What is it about guys and the challenge of NOT getting stuck. I think they live for the challenge.
    I'm wondering if Mikey had ulterior motives. LOL