Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Is In The Air


Well, at least these robins think so. This afternoon is a chilly one but AD hollered for me to come look out the back door. The yard was filled with robins! I ran to get my camera (naturally it was in the bedroom instead of in my hand where it should have been) but by the time I got back they'd flown away.

A few minutes later they were back. This time I had the camera.

I snapped away as fast as I could in case the robins took flight again.

Now I ask you - with that many robins around, don't you think Spring is just around the corner?


  1. I really can't tell, seems we pretty much have them around all the time. They love the bugs etc in my front yard.

  2. I sure hope it is! The birds are going crazy here. Daffodils blooming, temps in the '70s...will it last?

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see you are a scrapbooker. I have got to get back to scrapbooking soon. Take care!

  4. Oh My Gosh Sweetie...
    That is a lot of "ROBIN" love there. Love seeing them all together. It is like the flew in to say hello and let you know they were home. Aren't they just the sweetest thing to know that Spring is coming. I always loved seeing the first sign of Spring, a Robin in the yard.

    Thanks for the gorgeous share. I am SO thrilled that my dashboard just came up after almost 2 weeks now. I can see my friends again and their blog links and go pay visits. I have been so sad about my dashboard being totally gone. I didn't really have a good way to see when someone posted. I hope it is back to stay for awhile at least.

    Happy to be back to visit Oklahoma Granny. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  5. It sure felt like it today. It's suppose to get a little cooler this week, but hopefully it'll be back to warmer, not hot, days soon. I'm sure looking forward to Spring!

  6. I think robins are a sure sign that spring is right around the corner! I can't wait!


  7. I'm hopin' so for you!! Went for a drive today for my birthday after visiting that Desert Bar and saw lots of hummingbirds, whatever kind of quail it is they have out here (I really need to look that up!) and our 4th roadrunner!

    beep beep!!

  8. Hopefully spring will spring itself soon. I feel it coming. Temps are better here. And storms are about. Love the birds. My favorite are cardinals (b/c both my grandmas loved them) and I have seen them quite a bit in my back yard.

  9. We have a touch of spring here as well...My daffodils, tulips, and miniature irises are popping through the ground!

  10. oh I sure hope it's true. I {need} to have dirt up to my elbows and embedded in my nails!

    Thanks for visiting my blogs. I saw your connection on your friend lanyardlady's post.

    Maggie is my beautiful beagle. She is also half silky, hence, the reason she looks like a long eared yorkie. Sounds just like a beagle when she parks. Born hunter of all things she should not put in her mouth!

    I have put your blog in my favs so I can watch your scrapbook.

    I will have to stop in at Claremore to see what Terry has in stock. Been awhile since I have neen there.


  11. I do hope you have spring for certain! We had 81 here today and it was absolutely gorgeous! I'm so ready to have this all the time. May you have spring sooner than you expect!

  12. I'm beginning to see signs of spring, too. Yesterday as I was walking around my neighborhood, I saw the prettiest little yellow flowers peeking up.

  13. We've got them here, too.
    Makes me wonder.
    I sure hope spring is here to stay!

  14. Oh, yes. A robin sighting = spring. How exciting!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week. ~Natalie

  15. I'm so jealous!! You have spring!

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my photos. You've very kind :)

  16. I hope Spring is around the corner. I'm dying to go for a nice, looooong walk, but it looks like it may rain at any moment!
    I'd like to add that I love the little doggie banner on your sidebar :)