Tuesday, February 15, 2011


At least Daughter and I think it's unfair. And most people we talk to think we're crazy.

This is G1. He's 18 1/2.

This is Daughter, G1's mom. She's - ummm - let's just say on the downside of her 30's.

And this is me with AD. I'm 60. He was 59 last Saturday. 

Here's what is unfair. I have always wanted to sit on a jury. Daughter has always wanted to sit on a jury. Neither of us have ever been called for jury duty.

Last week G1 received a letter in the mail telling him he needs to report for jury duty at the end of the month.

How. Does. That. Happen? Well, I know how it happens, but why haven't Daughter or I ever received one of those letters?

PS. AD has been called before and actually sat on a jury. Long story short, someone stole a Winnebago and drove it across the state line. I just didn't have another picture of myself that I wanted to use. 


  1. Your daughter is beautiful ... she looks like you. It is funny that you guys have not sat on jury. We here try to avoid it like the plaque.

  2. are you registered to vote? Here in our county, the juries are called from the voter registration list.

    And I agree -- I enjoy jury duty!

  3. Then just come to our community and you'll get more jury duty then you could want. I'm sick of those letters showing up in our mailbox. Commander just got another one this week.

  4. I feel your pain. I have always wanted to serve, and my husband is the one who always gets called. Bummer

  5. Grace, Thank you for your nice compliment.

    Kris, Yes, I'm a registered voter. Always have been. I think here they select people using drivers' licenses.

  6. I've been on jury duty many times including Grand Jury Duty which went on for 16 weeks! I suggest you plan something really big -- and then you will be called! hehehe

    Your family is beautiful. Your daughter is your mini me!

  7. Why do you feel jury duty is important?

  8. OH Posh, it's not that great! When I was on a jury the defendant was guilty as sin and we all knew it, but the law was on his side and we were forced to find him not guilty!

    Afterwards, the judge came in and told us he knew we hadn't wanted to do it, but that according to the law we had done the right thing. That is a very sad thing that the laws are written so that they often help those that are on trial for something.

    Here's something to think about..... remember when the young college girl from where I live was kidnapped and murdered? I wouldn't want anyone to HAVE to be on a jury for a crime like that and be forced to see the crime scene photo's that those people had to see. I feel they would be very haunting for a long time. I'm glad that people were able to do it though, and find the guy guilty and send him away. Just thankful that no one I know had to be involved... other than the family of the Jodi.

  9. I did that once I really did not care for it.
    I do hope that you will be chosen someday and you will get your chance.
    Have a nice day.

  10. I was called twice but was able to get out of it because at that time if you had a good excuse you could be excused. I felt that my students needed me more than the court system. Now that I'm retired I would love to be called again but haven't. I think it would be so interesting.

  11. I've been called in a couple of times and been rejected both time...I did not cry over it to say the least.

    A very belated happy birthday to your dear Hubs! You two are so darn stinkin' cute together!

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  12. KleinsteMotte, It's a part of living in a free country where the citizens have the right to be tried by a jury.

    Meowmomma, I agree it would be a hard thing to sit on a jury that had no recourse but to hand down a not guilty verdict to one that they deemed to be guilty. But the laws are what they are. Whatever law(s) that kept the defendent from being found guilty should be changed.

  13. Oh OG!! You ARE NOT missing out!! I promise!! I have gotten called a ton of times (funny though Aubrey wants to get called and never has) and it is just really boring!!

  14. I'm serving now...until July. That means I get the calendar every month and have to call in when told to see if I have to report in. Last time they actually wanted to panel the jury, I had to call the defense attorney out for asking ambiguous and confusing questions that no one could answer. *grins* And here they go by voter registration AND driver's licenses. That's how I got caught.

    BTW--You can tell your daughter is yours and your grandson is yours...both look a lot like you! How lucky are you???

  15. hubby and I have both had jury duty once, hubby only liked it because it gave him time off from his regular job.
    I still think about the guy we convicted of selling drugs, second time, and hope we did the right thing. I don't want to do jury duty again

    a friend of mine had a long stint of federal grand jury duty and was even next door during the Murrah bombing. She liked it, except for the bomb of course, and earned quite a bit of money and travel pay to do it.

    ps you have a nice looking family :)

  16. Oh, I dread it. Hope your wish comes true one day.

  17. Do you own a car and have it in your name? I have been called for jury duty 4 times, the 4th time I was called, my Dr wrote a note for the judge - he said I was on too many drugs to make a life or death decision. LOL! I just didn't want to have to worry about running out of O2 during a trial. I did enjoy it before I needed the O2. Our county gets the names from voter registration, the boys 18th birthday sign up and car registrations.

  18. I had it when I was 18 then got put of it raising the kiddos! I have gone one sinceand they didn't call my name! Lot of people here don't want to go...

  19. Who knows how the computer generates who gets a letter.
    I have been called three times and haven't sat in on a trial yet. Either it gets settled out of court, postponed or I don't get chosen.
    For whatever reason, I am thankful, because they always call me at inoppertune times.

  20. I was selected two years ago. It was a rape case, but the jury wasn't allowed to be told there was a rape because the nurse in the ER messed up the rape kit. So all we were told was that they were both at a party where he threatened her and tried to choke her, and that she blacked out and then showed up at a friend's apartment, upstairs, with no clothes on. They took pictures of the scene of the crime but not of the things we needed to see. By the time the police got to the scene, the accused was not even there and they said they found him at his home and woke him up to question him. There was no proof he'd even been there except the plaintiff's word, no fingerprints or any other evidence was submitted. There were no witnesses called.

    What could we do on such slim evidence? We all agreed we could not charge a man on so little evidence. So we ruled him innocent.

    The following morning, the headlines read (the man's name) RULED INNOCENT IN RAPE CASE! According to the paper, he had prior arrests and was a real scumbag. We weren't told any of that either.

    I will never, EVER, sit on another jury! Our whole community, from the nurse at the ER to the detective at the scene, to the judge and jury, failed that girl.

    Now that's unfair.

  21. I've never been called either and I have always wanted to serve. Both my husband and our oldest daughter have served on a jury. Go figure. Guess it's like winning a lottery. Lots of names/numbers in that pot but few get chosen. NOT that my name would be in a lottery pot but I am, and always have been in 3 different states, a registered voter. As they say.....Oh well!!!! Susan - PENLESS WRITER

  22. Maybe you should move to a high crime state, I'm not sure I'd want to sit and judge someone.

  23. I've never served either but my husband has served at least 4 or 5. I don't get it.

  24. I was called for jury duty and was seated on a domestic violence case...it was fascinating, interesting and as a registerd voter, felt it was my duty.
    That being said, it is still something that has impacted my life.