Monday, January 31, 2011

Oklahoma Weather

This past Friday and Saturday Northeast Oklahoma experienced some really nice January weather. The sun was shining and the temperatures reached into the low 70's.

But as anyone from Oklahoma will tell you, if you don't like the weather (now I ask you - who wouldn't like sunny and low 70's????) stick around a bit and the weather is sure to change.

Well, that's just what it's in the process of doing.

This is a photo taken about 10:30 this morning outside our back door.

And this one was taken just outside our front door.

At 11:00 our thermometer says it's 39.3 degrees F. outside.

It's supposed to reach 42 degrees today. Then the bottom is going to drop out for a few days.

The forecast says we should see between 8" and 12" of snow on Tuesday. Our weather guy is predicting "blizzard conditions."

I'll be taking more photos tomorrow assuming we get the snow that's predicted. If I can access the internet tomorrow I'll post some pictures. Otherwise, I'll post them when I can.

And if we get as much snow as they say, I'll probably make some snow ice cream too.


  1. You know that by Sunday we'll be back to record highs I'm sure. And yes I love Oklahoma weather. It always gives you something to talk about.

  2. We visited our daughter in Tulsa several times a few years ago, and the weather there is truly a mystery. I remember in a single day the temp dropped 40 degrees!

    Still...if you're getting the 70's once in a while, at least you get some relief from time to time. Here in the frozen tundra it's been a solid 20 - 25 degrees the past month, and another blizzard is on its way. Fun times.

  3. LOL to you and to Tracy's comment. I am in southern central oklahoma and it reached almost 80 down here......oh what a tease.....outside on the deck with coffee barefoot and feelin good. It is headed this way also, I was just going to call my mom in Norman to see if it has reached them yet......YUCK......I love Oklahoma weather all but tornado season!! I love the season just not the horrific storms we are known to have. But people can KEEP the cold. At least we haven't been hit as bad as last year was. Yep stick around it will change in the blink of an eye. Stay warm fellow Okies!!

  4. Just watched the news report from Al ROker on this storm system. Y'all be safe and I'll be looking forward to your pictures.

  5. It's going to be interesting to see how much snow we will get. Hope we don't get much sleet & ice before the snow starts. Stay safe & warm!


  6. I don't mind the snow but I am praying we don't get any ice. In Muskogee we are right on the edge of snow and ice.

  7. wasn't that nice weather we just had on Thurs. and Friday? oh well, we did our shopping can stay home. Hubby will have to work as he is essential personnel but he has tire chains and shoe spikes and carharts. I will be just staying home.

    you be careful and stay warm!

  8. We are having a blizzard here today and it is going to get down to -26 with the wind chill tonight.
    We are to get 6-8" of white stuff over the next 2 days with the wind howling at 35-45mph.
    I wish we would warm up to 70s real soon.
    Have a safe day.

  9. I hope you don't get a blizzard but I know you're well-equipped to survive the elements. I wonder when we'll get it? Ugh.

  10. Oklahoma weather drives me crazy.

  11. Oh my. The 70 sounded wonderful... but not liking what's coming next. I'll be looking for pictures. Stay warm.

  12. I didn't know your temps changed so drastically from one day to the next. I certainly wouldn't expect temps in the 70s in January! Is that normal?
    It's 30 in NJ, expected to drop to the 20s tonight with ...drumroll please...MORE SNOW!
    Hope you get to make you snow ice cream! I bet girly would love doing that.

    Your Friend,

  13. Isn't the cold relative? Here if it was 42 degrees we'd be running around in shorts.

    Right now my computer is saying it is exactly 0 degrees out. My question is? how can there be no degrees? Anyway, it is cold.

  14. The real blast hasn't hit here yet, quite tolerable today, except for spits of rain, tomorrow will be cooler and then our bottom drops out. I don't like snow, I don't want snow, we don't need any more snow!

    Stay warm now!

  15. Listening to the Weather Channel, it certainly sounds like it's going to be a horrible storm for many! It's even going to "cool" off out here in the desert ~ down into the 40's for highs and the 20's for lows in the nights. I could certainly do without that!

    Still having a great time... I'm so far behind in my blogs, I may never catch up! Hope you all fare okay with this storm!

  16. Stay warm!! I hope you keep your power but I know you have a generator and will be a-okay! Should make for a nice day to stay in and scrapbook though!

  17. We have snow...In New Mexico, we say "If you don't like the weather--stick around. It's bound to change within the next hour or two!"

    I hope you get to make snow cream!

  18. Hang in there! This winter weather is unpredictable to say the least!

  19. Wrap up well and get the hot chocolate ready granny, good luck.

  20. Yes indeed--- it certainly is change this morning in the Ozarks from over the weekend. Like you we were just about basking and now... not so much. It think it is about 5 degrees now on the back porch. Fortunately, this too will pass.