Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This past weekend Son and his family came for a late Christmas. I have photos to post but for some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload them. I've been trying since early this morning and it just won't let me.

I'll try again later this afternoon or tomorrow.


  1. Howdy
    Hang in there sometimes blogger is like that .
    Blessings of joy to you sweetie .
    Hope your keeping warm and cozy indoors :)
    The weather sure has been crazy .
    Rode by to play catch up here today with your blog .I have been running way behind with my blog land visiitng lately .
    May the rest of the week be awesome for you !
    I am looking forward to the great photos you have to share.
    Hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  2. I hope it gets fixed for you. I wonder...what if you deleted an old photo or two from your blog? Would it be an 'allotted space' issue?

  3. Try using Picasa or Photobucket to upload your pics. I use photobucket and all my pics are stored on the site so if my computer crashes, I won't lose my pictures.

  4. I'm having problems also. I can upload pics but only one at a time. I have to go to edit and back again to my post in order to upload another pic. Frustrating indeed.

  5. That happens to me frequently. It will work eventually and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  6. It is so flustrating when that happens. It takes long enough to do a post with a lot of pictures anyway.

  7. I HATE when that happens! And believe me it's really bad when you have to have classes or an exam uploaded in a few minutes and some program on the 'Net is not cooperating!

    I'm looking forward to seeing both pictures and the read of a wonderful day!

  8. Oh I know -- sometimes Blogger just does not want to cooperate!

  9. deep breath...I despise fighting with technology but don't give it the upper hand by allowing it to alter your mood.
    I can't wait to see the photos whenever you get them posted!

  10. I'm glad you've had family time and celebrations. Looking forward to the pictures. I think it's a blo thing because I've had trouble in the past just trying to get them from my pictures files.

  11. I started using Windows Live Writer a few months ago for blogging and I Love it! It's nice because it uploads the entire blog post to blogspot, photos and all, at once, instead of having to upload each photo separately! Not sure if that would've helped, but just thought I'd share. :)