Monday, January 24, 2011

You Be the Judge

Look at this face. Does Elliott look guilty to you? Let me tell you a story.
Elliott likes candy. Sometimes we give him a little bite. He savors even the tiniest bit that he's allowed.

This is the corner in the living room where our love seat usually sets. At Christmas, it has to be moved so that we have a place for the Christmas tree.

As cold as it's been, when we took the tree down, I asked AD to bring the treadmill in from the garage so I could use it inside until the weather turns warm.

Here's where the love seat is sitting for the time being. Right in front of the bar. We really don't use the bar that much so it's ok.

At Christmas I had some bowls of old-fashioned hard candy sitting on the bar. You know the kind - ribbon candy, raspberry filled candies, etc. There was some wrapped peppermint hard candies too along with some wrapped cinnamon candies. That candy is still there in the little snowman container. (Please disregard the Christmas candles that are still sitting there. I'm putting them away today.)

Anyway, back to Elliott. He really liked the old fashioned candies. A few days ago AD caught Elliott getting up on the bar and going for the candy bowl. So he moved the candy bowl to the kitchen counter

just on the other side of the bar.

This morning as I was reading through a few blogs I heard a noise in the kitchen. Kind of a clinking noise like dishes being knocked together. I immediately thought I knew what was happening.

As quietly as I could I made my way into the kitchen just in time to see Elliott's little tail following him back over the bar and down onto the love seat. He turned around and looked up at me. The look on his face was priceless but I wasn't able to take a picture.

Immediately Elliott wanted to go "out" and when he came back in he went straight to one of his favorite beds (yes, we have several dog beds around the house.) That's when I took the first photo you saw today.

So take another look at it and I ask you - does Elliott look guilty to you?


  1. yes GUILTY! lol

    Like the time my poodle ate 1/2 bag of chocolate covered peanuts. Now THAT was a mess for a couple of days :)

  2. Yep! I've seen that look before!

  3. He's trying to look innocent, but I suspect he is guilty as charged. ; )


  4. I vote guilty...Like my Lucy, seems that Elliot can find a way to get anything he wants.

  5. Oh yes. Elliott does look guilty.

    One time I got my aunt a giant stocking filled with chocolate goodies, she'd just got out of the hospital... and her poodle pulled it down off the counter and gobbled it up. Needless to say, Chris the poodle was sick for a while.

  6. You always know they've done something they shouldn't by the look on their faces or if they are hiding under the bed.

  7. No way! That is an innocent face if I ever saw one!
    But then again...after looking at his "mug shot" looks like he could be saying "Yea, so..I got on your bar and got me some candy. You got a problem with that?"
    PS..his name fits him. Too cute!

  8. Just a tad, LOL!

    I have never given Jack or Jill candy, I wonder if they would like a piece of candy cane left over from Christmas? My Schnauzer, Rough used to love a piece of candy cane once in a while!

  9. He's doing the puppy dog eye thing. GUILTY

  10. in the US, we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law :)
    aww, he is so cute though. And I have a really hard time resisting Christmas candy too.

  11. He looks guilty alright, and maybe a but nauseated! Get the puppy Pepto!

  12. Oh No...
    Elliott...Elliott...Elliott...Yep you have been found guilty little boy. No more candy for you. He will be bouncing off the walls for the next several hours. These little critters and their tiny little noses. They are always smelling for something.

    I hope you are well sweet one. Love the treadmill. What a great place for it. You can walk and see out the window. It will be like outside walking. Love it.

    Hope you have a beautiful week sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. Not so much guilty as clever. LOL Are they smart or what? I love his expression of "Took you long enough, Mom!" LOL

  14. I am with Tina...NOT GUILTY! Hung jury. I do love the look on his face. Gerry

  15. Adorable ... but GUILTY!!

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    Have a beauatiful eve ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  16. Sounds to me like you have a four legged child instead of a two legged one.

  17. Ha! He looks like he has a mouth full of candy!!

  18. Well,maybe a little guilty...but he's sooooo cute! !

  19. Guilty. Elliot is trouble, is a fun way. I'm guessing he keeps you on your toes.

  20. You got you one smart doggie there.

  21. Elliot! Did you follow hi outside to see if he is hiding a secret stash? Buster once got into an Easter Basket and ate some Godiva. Chocolate is deadly to dogs. He was racing up and down my stairs like a crack addict before I figured out what happened and got him to the vets.
    Thank you for the smile.

    Your Friend,

  22. Yep girl, every mama worth her weight know that look!!! Heeehehehe!!! Enjoyed the laugh sweetie!

    May God richly bless your day!!! :o)

  23. I`m sorry to say it but he does like a bit guilty. =)

  24. Oh he does!!! He looks like our Teddy, who tends to have that guilty look too often!! We no longer have ANY dog bed, he ate the last 2 and I spent hours picking up fluff!!

  25. Oh, yes, that's a guilty little mug on that doggies if I ever did see one! Kiss it for me, I'm sure his lips are sweet!


  26. He's got that sweet innocent look on his face. Definitely guilty!!