Monday, August 2, 2010

Traveling Doggie Spa

Earlier this year we were extremely disappointed to learn that our fur kids' groomer was closing her shop. She was the only groomer our sweet babies had ever been to and they loved her as much as we did.

She gave us the name of another local groomer on our last visit.

A few weeks later I telephoned the other groomer and had a nice, long chat with her. She is every bit as passionate in her love for dogs as we are. And she works part time at a local vet's office too. That was a big plus. So I had no problem taking them to her to be groomed.

And she did a good job. We were pleased enough with her work. Although I planned to return to her, luckily I didn't make a follow-up appointment when we left.

The very next day I got a call from our old groomer. She had decided to re-open her grooming business but with a twist. She now had a fully self-contained, mobile unit. She would come to our house!

She asked if we would be interested and willing to come back to her. My first questions were

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME??? You'll actually come to our house?

Followed-up by, Do you know just how far it is to our house?

And then - How much is this gonna cost? Actually that was mainly a question in my head to myself because of the distance she would be traveling, although I did ask her about the rates.

Her answers were: Yes, she would come to our house; yes, she knew how far it was to our house; and her rates were more than reasonable. YEA!!!! I was doing a Happy Dance, big time!

So, this past Saturday the doggie spa pulled into our driveway. We were all so excited!

And not just AD, Elliott, Smoke, Dani and me either.

Daughter's 3 fur kids were here too. They had also been customers. In fact, it was Daughter who told me about Jeannie when we first got Elliott.

This is Kasey after her turn. Being a Boston, she doesn't need haircuts. She gets a bath and her nails done. Saturday was a shy day and Kasey didn't much want her picture taken.

This is Earnhardt (Little E or just "E" for short). Isn't he handsome?

And this is Holley. She and Dani got bows in their ears instead of bandannas. (Poor Kasey doesn't have enough hair to attach bows to but then she can be a pretty wild girl and bows probably would last all on 5 seconds in her ears anyway.)

I wasn't sure how long Dani's bows would stay in either but today is Monday. I just checked and they're still in her ears.

Smoke was just worn out from his grooming. He immediately came in the house, jumped up on the couch and laid there for quite some time.

Although we were told that all 3 of our kids took naps while they were in the trailer. The gentle vibration from the generator lulled them right to sleep. Sounds like the generator provided a little massage therapy.

Which made it very nice for Elliott. Although he has always been good at the groomer's, he's never wanted to actually GO to the groomer's. He always kind of sensed it on grooming days and was very stubborn about getting in the car and then going in the shop. While the other kids jumped right in or out of the car, Elliott had to be carried.

Now that our original groomer is coming to us, I think he likes it MUCH better!

Oh, and I couldn't get him to look at the camera. After everyone was done, AD gave them all a treat and Elliott had much better things to do than pose for me.

The kids looked so nice and smelled so good! We're just ecstatic with this turn of events.

PS. I have passed the name of the substitute groomer on to my other friends who have dogs. Hopefully she won't miss us at all after only one visit. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her if things were to change again. But it was just a no-brainer for us to return to our original groomer. We have a lot of history there.


  1. How convenient for you and the furry kids! I would love it if we had a mobile groomer here.

  2. How sweet. Your kids look like they are all dressed and ready to go to a show! Gerry

  3. Do you think she will come to NJ? We actually had a traveling groomer when we lived in our last home. So much easier! Unfortunately, that's 2.5 hours away. Smoke looks sad in that photograph. All the dogs are so well groomed and ready for a 'night on the town'!

    Your Friend,

  4. Your dogs look so pretty! If I had a dog I would certainly use a mobile groomer! I have seen several of them driving around Tulsa.


  5. They look very nice and I bet they smell good, too! Cute babies!!!

  6. That is so cool and they all look so wonderful!

  7. My son has used groomers that came to your home. It is better for the pets. Less stress on them. Of course, yours had to have a blue sign.

  8. My sister's groomer has a mobile set up. What a neat idea, right? So glad it worked out for you and those fur kids are sweet as can be!

  9. We had a groomer who called his business Going To The Dogs who came to the house. When he retired, I bought a pair of clippers and groom Lucy myself. Your Babies are adorable!

  10. Wow! I wish they would make traveling people groomers that come to your house and make you all pretty! The dogs are really cute!

  11. I wish we had a traveling groomer, it would be so less stressful for Maxwell.
    Your dogs are so cute. I love the bows in the ears.
    Our groomer does the bows and kerchief, but since he is a boy I ask her to stop the bows as they drove him nuts.

  12. That is definately the most awesome thing I have seen all day!!! Would she come to OKC? Huh Huh????? PLEASE!

  13. She did a great job on them all. What a plus that she comes to you.

  14. That is really a great idea!! I am glad you got your "old" groomer back but in a better way!

  15. The pups all look so beautiful, their coats are SOOOOO shiny! I have seen the mobile units and thought how nice it would be to come to me. Ben's had the same groomer for several years now so it would be very hard to change. He's an "old man" who has to rest up after his day at the spa!!

  16. I'm glad I read your entry. It's time for my Yorkie to get a good grooming. I wish we had a traveling groomer in our area. The pups look good!

  17. Can you give her number or does she have a website?

  18. KIK, Are you in the Tulsa area? If so, contact me at and I'll give you a number to call.

  19. Now that is awesome! Your doggies are so precious. We love our Boo. Wonder if they come for just one dog?

  20. I've seen mobile groomers around this area, too. Glad it all worked out for your babies. And for better for you, too!