Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AWOL and an Award

I've been out-of-pocket for well over a week now and if you're here reading this I thank you for stopping back by.

Honestly, while I've been very busy I haven't been doing anything that's very exciting unless laundry, housekeeping and grocery shopping are on your list of your most favorite things to do.

Today, though, began a new chapter in G1's life. He began taking online classes through one of the area community colleges and he's doing his work at our house. While the speed of our internet is far what we would like it to be, it is faster than the internet he has at home.

And I'm glad to have him. He arrived here early this morning and got right to work. Good thing too because it was a cloudy, rainy day which caused our internet to be up and down most of the day. All in all though, I'd say he had a very productive day.

Once he finished for the day and was on his way home I checked my email and blog. Lo and behold, LV from Meme's Corner had honored me with an award.

The "Cherry on Top Award" to be exact.

The rules are simple. The chosen bloggers are to feature a picture they truly love on their blog and pass the award on to five others.

This is the photo that immediately came to mind. I posted it awhile back but it is one I truly love - one of Son and Girlie. To me it reflects a father's love for his child(ren).

As for passing the award on - I read many blogs most every day and each one is special to me. Too many bloggers in fact for me to choose only 5.

So, I pass the "Cherry On Top Award" to each and everyone of the bloggers who I follow. You know who you are so please, accept this award with my deepest thanks for brightening my days, taking me places I might not otherwise visit, and for teaching me lots of new things. I applaud each and every single one of you. And pass, if you're so inclined, please pass it on.

Have a wonderful week. I hope to see you soon.


  1. Congrats on your award and thanks for shaaring it with all of us. I just love that father-daughter photo. It really is worth 1,000 words.

  2. Congrats on your award. Yes, I loved that photo when you first posted it. So precious and says it all.

  3. Congratulations! You are very deserving of this award...and yes, I remember that photo. That belongs on the front of a father's day greeting card.

    Enjoy your evening. ~Natalie

  4. You deserve a nice award. I understand the being busy thing!

  5. That is an awesome photo! I understand why it is special to you.

    Congratulations on being special to all of us and thanks for sharing a cupcake with us too!

  6. Congratulations on the award! You deserve it and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    How wonderful to have G1 there. And that photo.. absolutely precious!!

  7. It is great that G1 is going to "school" at your house! I bet you enjoy his company and I would be willing to bet he gets a hot meal at "school."

  8. Thank you Granny. I'm glad you're back and that G1 had a productive day.
    I'm with you on the internet speed not being what I want it to be....however, what I have now is so much better than the dial up I used to have. I guess it's all about perspective.
    I think I'm gonna claim that cherry on top award and run with it...just gotta figure out which picture is my favorite. I love yours.

  9. Congratulations on your award. You chose the perfect photograph to post.

  10. I love that photo...so precious!


  11. Congrats on the award. Your blog is the sweet 'cherry on top!' The picture of your son with girlie warms my heart. I wish G1 success with his newly started college studies.

    Your Friend,

  12. Congratulations on the award. You definitely have a little extra to give.
    And I agree with you on that pic. Definitely shows his love for her.
    My classes start today. One of them changed from in class to online. I have taken two other classes on line but they were easier classes. But the further I go with my studies the harder they get, I sure hope I can get through this one okay too.

  13. Wonderful photo. Congrats!!!

  14. Yay well done Granny, a well deserved accolade.

  15. Glad you are back, I enjoy your blog. Love the photo you posted, it is adorable.

  16. such a sweet photo! who doesn't adore the button nose of a child?????

    congrats on your award, sweet one!

  17. So glad to have a new post from you. Thanks for your continued comments on my blog. Sometimes you are the only one who leaves a comment, and I love you for it. Blew me away that you too were scared by those evil gray dogs with the weird yellow eyes. I tried a search of your blog re your husband's experiences with niacin to see if you have written about it Would really enjoy reading a post about this.

  18. Adorable photo...and lucky you to get to be your grandson's destination for school!