Friday, August 27, 2010

I Find Inspiration In My Blog Friends

I'm always inspired by my blog friends who are consistent in exercising. I start exercising and keep it up for quite awhile, then things get in the way. This summer it was the awful heat. I do hope to start back up now that it's cooler.

Today after reading several blogs I was inspired to write this post.

Angela at Pickles on Pizza posted about a recent trip she made to Louisiana where she found an old Orange Crush sign. She didn't buy it but then, with the price that was on it, I wouldn't have either.

But that reminded me of a couple of scrapbook layouts I did some time ago.

Have you ever seen a car crusher in action?

And this one is one of my favorite layouts of G3 and G4. They don't often get to have pop with caffeine but I was able to get Son to o.k. some Orange Crush just so I could make this layout.

Lynn at For Love or Funny CLAIMS the only thing she cooks well is hot dogs. I don't believe that for one second but if it were true, this hot dog griller that I found at the Kitchen Collection store in Branson would be right up her alley. We have one and so does Son and Daughter. It grills great hot dogs!

LanyardLady was looking for a recipe for chicken parm or chicken cacciatore. I didn't have a recipe for her but it made me think of a wonderful little Italian restaurant called Brothers Railroad Inn in Independence, KS. They serve the BEST food! I'm not sure that chicken parm or chicken cacciatore is on the menu though. I'll have to look the next time we make a trip up there for dinner. Have you ever had Chicken Alfredo Pizza? Oh. My. Goodness! Theirs is to die for! Angela - if you're reading this, do ya'll make Chicken Alfredo pizza?

And finally, Joycee at Granny Mountain said in her post today that she was almost named Nola. She likes the name her parents did choose and is very glad that they didn't go with Nola. While I'm not crazy about my given name, one person in the family wanted me named Ernestine after himself. Although I loved that person dearly, I am SO GLAD that name didn't make the final cut. (Sorry to anyone reading this who has that name or has a loved one with it.)

So, if you're like me, in what way(s) do bloggers inspire you?


  1. Yes. Bloggers inspire me all the time. I think I find some of the kindest people in the WORLD via blogging.

  2. I'm inspired just knowing that I'm not alone in how I feel about the world, what's going on with my kids etc. It's so much cheaper than a therapist too! LOL

  3. I am always inspired by the "exercisers," too! I sooooo don't like to exercise! I read a lot of adoption blogs, often by those who are traveling for an international adoption. I am always inspired by the depth of commitment and dedication to the effort that it takes to complete an adoption internationally (or domestically, for that matter).

    This was a great post! I enjoyed it, as always!

  4. Yes, like you, bloggers inspire bake bread, to sew (quilts on my to do list), good photography like several of my friends. One of my special blogger friends inspire me to scrapbook. Guess who! One guess, you are it. Gerry

  5. Great post! My blogging buddies inspire me with their talents and gifts, their stories of family and friends, their humor and wit, and their thoughtful take on everyday life. And I DID find a recipe for chicken cacciatore that I'll share on Comfort Food Sunday!

  6. I think I would love that hot dog cooker! ...and well I LOVE the Orange Crush layouts!

    We do not have Chicken Alfredo pizza on the menu but we do make it just for ourselves from time to time- we put spinach on it and it is GOOD!

  7. Bloggers inspire me who can have fun with the simplest things and enjoy family and share their everyday experiences and recipes. I love your posts because they give me a picture of a loving mother, Grandma and wife who makes life fun and special and that is what I want to do too!

  8. I guess I never really thought about bloggers in that way. I just get a kick out of reading them. I like that Orange Crush layout. That's a kicking drink, too.

  9. Oh my gosh that's like asking "how do I love thee, let me count the ways" to my hubby. Well you inspire me with your words of wisdom and creerfulness, and my blogger friends pray for me, for my family and take the time to tell me I will survive and be a stronger person through my son's death. I am inspired to not only be better, but to be kinder, nicer, sweeter, smarter, more creative, more inquisitive, more willing to share and to reach out to others. I've been inspired to try new recipes, make new crafts, plant new flowers, learn other cultures and appreciate other religions. I'm a bit more tolerant, and have laughed, cried and have gained a whole world full of sisters. My life has been enriched in so many ways since I found the wonderful world of blogging. You are one of those wonderful ways! Mollye

  10. I think the biggest way they inspire me is to inspire me to try new things.
    I love the blog world. So many people are willing to share their favorite recips, or craft ideas, and so many other things.
    It's a give and take relationship. It is wonderful.

  11. I'm so glad you showed me your blog, you inspire me all the time, as do so many of the other blogs I like to visit. I've been inspired to be a better homemaker for sure. I've been inspired to cook a little again. I've been in such a funk for so long I stopped doing most of the things I used to love. Your enthusiasm is contagious and that inspires me. All of you are so creative is so many different ways. Blogville has been a blessing to me. : )

  12. Such an interesting question concerning how other bloggers inspire me. I have found some amazing women on blogger who encourage me to press on in my walk with the Lord. I know very few other women who are called to be homemakers, so connecting with like minded women on blogger lifts me up daily. As I read other women's blogs, I am encouraged by their transparency and by their desire to be what the Lord has called them to be.
    Have a blessed Sunday, dear.....Denise

  13. Bloggers inspire me by sharing their creative abilities...whether it's cooking, exercising, or decorating.

    And bloggers inspire by giving the opportunity to make friends with someone who lives across the country or across the ocean.

    You never know who you'll meet!

    Sweet dreams.

  14. It's wonderful when bloggers rally around other bloggers! It's a great way to introduce us to wonderful souls!

    Smiles, KJ

  15. My fellow bloggers inspire me in lots of ways. Mainly by thinking the best of my fellow humans. I've also come to realize that I am not a very deep thinker. I'm smart enough I just don't think the deep thoughts thoroughly.

  16. I am constantly inspired by the selfless acts of kindness I witness by my blog friends. There are some amazing people in this world.