Thursday, October 29, 2009

They Weren't New Toys For Me?

I just don't know where I went wrong. There were these pretty orange balls in what I thought was a toy box on the front porch. The balls weren't very round though. Maybe that should have been a clue.

It turns out they were really fall decorations. Who woulda thunk it?

Well, maybe my friend, Cosmo. He laid way out in the front yard watching all the fun I was having throwing some of them up in the air and catching them. Cosmo didn't even act like he wanted to play with them or me. It was LOTS of fun until Granny looked out the window and saw what I was doing.

She came outside and she WAS laughing. But she picked them up and took them in the house. I thought maybe because some of the parts had broken off. So I just got another one out of the box and was starting to play with it. Then she came back out and took it and the others in the house too.

I'm REALLY sorry!

That's ok, Mikey. Daughter told me she thought you would probably eat them. But you don't bother the flowers and I didn't think you could get them out of the baby bed anyway.

It was probably the smell of the olive oil that I rubbed on them to shine them up a little. That's probably what attracted you to them.

Not to worry, Mikey. I was going to cut them open eventually anyway. I want to see if I can save the seeds and plant them next year.

Does anyone know if that's possible?

It's probably a good thing that I hadn't gotten that scarecrow made that I was going to set in the bed too.


  1. Too cute! I love how you post stories about your dogs!

  2. ROFLOL Mikey was having fun with those new toys!

    You should be able to save those seeds. Dry them on newspaper and keep them cool, dry and dark until spring. After last frost plant them and we'll see what you get! The vines are very pretty and they grow fat yellow flowers.

  3. Aw Mikey is cute and looks so much like our Lucy.

  4. Too funny. Love the dog stories.

  5. Bless Mikey's little heart! He was just having some fun. Great post!

  6. Poor fella. He was just trying to have some fun.
    Dry those seeds completely and store in an air tight container. As long as the pumpkin was completely ripe, I don't see why those seeds won't sprout next spring.