Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our October Birthday Boy

If you've followed my blog for awhile you know that one cold late afternoon last March we found this guy using his tail to knock on our back door. He'd decided that our house looked like one that would take him in.

And we did. Some say he must have heard about our house through the doggie grapevine.

Folks stop by from time to time looking for lost dogs, cows, etc. No one ever came looking for Mikey.

He was one cold, hungry, thirsty boy that had no collar when he came to our door. What he did have was a wound in his side that AD thought might have been caused by someone pushing him out of a car or truck. Tears come to my eyes just thinking about someone doing that to any poor animal they can no longer take care of or want. There are other means of finding homes for unwanted pets.

We fed and watered him, AD doctored his wound and fixed him up with a nice soft bed and warm place to sleep. He never offered to leave and that was just fine with us. He's a loving, wonderful dog.

A few days later AD discovered he also had a case of worms.

On his first visit to the vet we were told he was approximately 18 months old and his records were set up showing his birthday to be in October.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Mikey! We're proud you chose us to be your family.

We love you.

AD, Elliott, Smoke, Dani and Me


  1. Awww, nice story!

    Happy birthday, Mikey!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mikey!
    Love his birthday hat!

  3. Oh Mikey, you are one SMART boy to go to that house! You and Bob both!!!
    I look at it like this...Sometimes the BEST things happen when you arent even expecting them. I say that God sent Bob to me..He knew we needed each other...I really do look at it like that..
    Happy Birthday Mikey....You lucky boy..