Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favorite Things About My Kitchen

Everyone has pretty much clued in that I really love to cook. There were tons of new ideas out there when we were building and I was deciding on what I wanted in a kitchen.

Of course most of the ones I would have loved to have had were pretty much out of our price range but that's ok. I really love my kitchen - I love not only cooking in it but I love just being in that room of the house. Someone once said that the heart of the home is the kitchen and I really believe it.

My top 5 favorites about my kitchen are:

5. Space! There can actually be more than 1 person in the kitchen at a time. Our last kitchen was very small and if someone was in there with me we'd keep getting into each other's way.

4. The pantry. I love having all of my dry and canned goods in one place rather than in several cabinets. I love the pantry door too!

3. Nope - the pan on the stove top is not my favorite thing although it belongs to a wonderful set of pans. The vent comes in at #3. The person who came up with the concept of a vent rising up out of the counter top is a genius! That paved the way for me to have the kitchen wall open onto the living room which lets me watch tv or visit with any guests we might have while I'm cooking .

2. My double oven. Oh, so nice when I'm baking lots of cookies or preparing a big meal like Thanksgiving dinner.

And my Number 1 favorite thing is . . . .

The cabinet for all of my baking sheets, cutting boards and stoneware. This space is above the ovens and if there were shelves there it would be pretty much wasted space for me. I would have to climb a ladder to reach anything and if I really had to go to that much work to go get a ladder, climb it and find something - well, the old saying "Out of sight, out of mind" comes at this point.

Storing things like large baking sheets on their side and just sliding them in and out is wonderfully perfect for me. I can reach that far up.

What are your favorite thing(s) about your kitchen?


  1. I just love your house...I love everything about it...
    My favorite thing about my kitchen, besides my NEW kitchen sink and faucet, would have to be the BIG windows I have in the dining area...I can see hummingbirds in summer and grass and in the winter I can watch the snow and everything else going on outside because they are about 5ftby5ft..two of them

  2. Oh I love your number 5 and number 1! Space and a cabinet specially designed to hold the cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other necessary kitchen gadgets. Love that totally!

    My favorite thing in this kitchen is window above the sink. I like being able to look out while I'm doing dishes, watch the ferals play, and grow plants in it. My second favorite thing is the long counter opposite the kitchen sink. It allows me to have the bread machine running while I'm cutting up goodies for the stew pot or mixing a batch of goodies for dinner.

  3. What an awesome kitchen! Our house was a tiny summer home and 660 square feet. After child #2 we added on another 330 square feet and a good chunk of that was kitchen. Our kitchen is definitely the gathering spot in our home. It's big and roomy and comfy. Don't think I could ever have a little kitchen again.

    When I was a kid we had the double oven. My mom loved it. It's a necessity for those who love to bake...and that is not me. I could live without an oven!

  4. I hate just about everything about my kitchen :) I worked as a Kitchen Designer for about 6 years and I love all the little extras! I would love to have a completely remodeled kitchen...maybe one day.

    I love yours and your cooktop is to die for!! No wonder you love to cook!

  5. I love two things about my kitchen: the sliding glass doors out onto the deck that allow us to watch the birds and squirrels and snow and rain while we eat; and my new dishwasher! It has a stainless steel tub and gets to hot you can't touch the dishes for 30 minutes after they're done. They come out so squeaky clean!

  6. My new refrgerator! It's huge.
    And my pantry. Used to be the washroom. (tells you how small my washroom was) We added another room to the house, a washroom/utility/dog room. And now I have a pantry. Didn't before and it has made life much less cluttered.