Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Squeamish? You May Not Want To Read This

Lately our wildlife camera hasn't caught too much other than the wind blowing in the grass and Mikey.

Every once in a while a deer will appear. I think this one looks like she might be pregnant.

She's there on the left in this picture. Do you think her belly looks a little enlarged?

Yesterday when AD brought the camera chip in there were over 300 pictures that looked similar to this

and this. The time started at 12:53pm on Sunday and continued until 9:39am yesterday.

Evidently a snake took a liking to our camera.


  1. Oh my goodness! How and WHY?!

  2. YIKES!!!!!
    You have snakes at your end of the world???

  3. That is cool. For a minute I thought we were going to see a deer giving birth!

  4. Probably because your camera was warm! LOL How fascinating that your camera captured all that!

  5. Well gosh you could do a whole little book on these images. Loved reading your ramblings and finally got all the legend straight in my mind! lol

  6. Oh how cool, to have a wildlife camera! Yes, the deer looked pregnant to me. Snakes don't bother me, but I am greatly relieved that it wasn't some big ole honkin' spider! Now that would have put me on the floor with breathing problems, LOL! In fact, my sis and I saw a long snake in the parking lot at the movie theater the other night. Couldn't see what kind it was, headlights picked it up in the dark. Yikes, glad I wasn't walking!


  7. I do not ant any part of snake territory. I do love seeing shots of the little deer. I cannot understand how anyone could shoot one.

  8. The wildlife camera is so cool! I think we would only catch squirrels if we had one.

  9. I don't really care for snakes... haven't seen any around here!

  10. One of these days I've gotta get one of those for Mr J. Of course, we'd see a lot of raccoons & possums.

  11. Not fond of snakes, but the deer are awesome!

  12. Ah, but was it a pregnant snake?!

  13. Arby, please. I'm having problems with the whole idea of a gigantic snake being there in the first place--since I'm a good son and venture up to visit my parents on occasion. Do you want me to go into full-blown panic?

    I really should not have visited today. Even though I knew what was coming since Mom called last night and reported to me what was happening so I could have nightmares all night. Thanks, Mom.

  14. lol Arby..

    eewww! I hate snakes! I always say a dead snake is a good snake and go out of my way to run over them with the, but you have to slide the tires on them to kill them, you know! Otherwise, they just go on their sneak snake way being mad at you...

    and since you are I are "neighbors" G. the deer aren't all that for me either... we're waiting to see what's born across the road from us this year... 2009 was triplets; 2008 twins.

    BUT, keep those bloggies coming!!!!! <3

  15. have hit upon the one thing that I cannot take...A SNAKE!!!!!!!


    We havent had ours up in awhile...

    Glad you are still enjoying (and also being surprised) by the camera.!

    Ive been MIA for awhile..Really have been too busy to blog and my computer at home is out...One day I will be back!!...


  16. I would never had figured that was a snake! OMG! Have a good weekend!

  17. Wonder where that snake was when he went to get the camera? *shudder**
    Not getting the pictures of the snake and finding out it was there but wondering where that snake was when I got the camera, would give me the willies!! Snakes and I are NOT friends. And never will be!

  18. I would have fainted sure as shootin.......
    I am not a brave girl....