Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Fun Weekend

After the adoption celebration last Friday our weekend continued.

Saturday nights are generally spent at a local race track watching G1 and G2 race. This past Saturday was no different. They both raced in the same heat race with G2 finishing in first place and G1 finishing third.

When the checkered flag fell at the end of the feature race, G2 had again placed first and G1 was close behind finishing second.

It was a late night at the track. We got home at 1am and grabbed a few winks because on Sunday morning we were off for a couple of days in Branson, MO.

G1 and his gf went with us. She'd never been to Branson and it was fun showing her around.

Our first stop was in Ozark, MO to eat at one of our very favorite places - Lambert's!
Of course we love their "throwed rolls" and we also look forward to their "pass-a-rounds".

If you've never been to Lambert's, you place your order but then some of the guys and gals come around with big pots of pass-a-rounds. There's blackeyed peas, fried okra, fried potatoes and onions, macaroni and tomatoes and of course the rolls and sorghum if you like.

AD's favorites are the blackeyed peas and the okra. My favorite is the fried potatoes and onions. Daughter's favorite is the macaroni and tomatoes. And we all have to have us some throwed rolls.

Then it was off to Branson. After a bit of shopping at Branson Landing we checked into our hotel. G1 and his gf took some time to cool off in the hotel pool.

A trip to a miniature golf course came next.

There are a number of miniature golf courses in Branson. G1 likes the "Lost Treasure" course. Actually they have 2 courses - the Diamond Course and the Gold Course. G1 chose the Diamond Course.

Normally I am the one that ends up on the short end of the club so to speak. I'm not sure if G1 was just being nice because gf was with us or if he was having a bad day or if I just had an EXTREMELY good day because I - that's ME! - I WON!!! Woo hoo! I. NEVER. win. The gf came in second and I can't honestly remember who came in 3rd and 4th but it was the guys.

After the round of golf came it was on to the Lumberjack go-kart track. The kids enjoyed the karts while AD and I spectated.

By the end of the ride we were all pretty tired so it was back to our rooms for some much needed rest because

Monday found us at Silver Dollar City. The park is celebrating 50 years in 2010.

My how times have changed. When I first went to the park as a kid, other than the tour of the cave, there was only a stage coach ride and the train. Over the years rides have come and gone

and the parking lot has expanded to parking lotS.

For years our family had season passes to "the City". Then a couple of years ago when we were working on the house we decided we wouldn't have time for any visits for awhile.

Even more changes were in store for us when we arrived yesterday. The parking lots have changed some and so have the trams that take you to the entrance.

Look at that nice new tram. The old ones were green and the roofs were very low. I'm not very tall and I bumped my head on the old ones more than once.

Once inside G1 and gf headed to the Wildfire roller coaster. They stood in line extra time just to be able to ride in the front seats. G1 says that's the only place to ride in order to get the full effect. Personally I'm fine on the observation deck.
Then it was off to Powder Keg. Again they stood in line extra time to be able to have the front seat viewing advantage.

After a bar-b-que lunch we met up with one of gf's friends and her family in the Grand Exposition area of the park.

gf and her friend wanted to ride the Electro Spin. It's kind of hard to describe other than the track is sort of a U-shape. Riders set on the seats as you see in the picture. The seats are attached to a spinning platform. As the platform spins it also starts going back and forth from right to left, each time going a little higher. 55 feet is the maximum height that it goes, all the while spinning round and round.

Try as she might, gf just could not coax G1 getting on the ride. His point of view was that he'd just eaten a big bar-b-que lunch and he just didn't think his stomach would be able to handle the motion. A very wise choice in my opinion and I'm sure the other riders, had they known, would have appreciated him choosing not to ride too.

The last ride of the day was a wet one in the Lost River. The kids were ready to call it a day and so we headed home.

It was good to get back to Branson and "the City" after a 2-year hiatus. I'm pretty sure AD and I will be making at least a couple more trips this season.


  1. I could have screamed. I know that race car place. We did that a year ago. And...I know those rides at Silver Dollar City. Wildfire about made me loose it!

  2. Sounds like an adventure! What good grandparents you are! On some of these rides, I'd be standing alongside you on deck observing! Well, someone had to take the photographs!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Your Friend,

  3. Well that sure looks and sounds like a fun time. I've never been to Branson either. My sisters both like it.

  4. looks like a great family time! I like the view from the observation deck myself!

  5. Never been to Branson but it sure looks fun!!

  6. Hi OK Granny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! My daughter uses the Paseo a lot, too. It's a pretty place in the midst of a lot of riff-raff. Anyway, we went to Western Avenue, around the Crown Heights Historical District for the shoot. There are a lot of cool businesses and she scouts out the alleys and doorways for neat backdrops. We sure had fun. Speaking of fun, I love Branson, too. Going there with my sis and her hub soon.


  7. MmmMmmm- now I want some rolls! I have never eaten there but I have heard wonderful things about it!

  8. You know I like your tours of different places--this was no different! I've never been to Branson--just heard about it in Janet Dailey books. That looks like a fun place to be--and one of these days I might get there. If I do--I'll ride the Powder Keg and throw you a Zen Hug! :D

  9. I'm just catching up ...congrats on your new grandchildren!!! How very, very nice and special. Love seeing all the familiar scenes from Branson! I love summer. I love family. I love your blog.

  10. Looks like a lot of un!!
    Fried potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I could live on them.
    I don't do well on the spinning rides. But in my younger days, they were my favorite.

  11. That sounds so fun! I've never been there, we're way down here in Florida. It looks like you and your wonderful family had a great weekend.