Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorite Photos Friday

G1's senior prom was last Saturday evening.

The weatherman had predicted rain and when we woke up Saturday morning, the sky looked like this. There were rain showers throughout the day. By Saturday evening it didn't appear rain would be a problem.

G1 giving his gf (girlfriend) her corsage.

Her mother wanted to do a photo shoot at their house. Daughter went and took some photos.

Here's his girlfriend pinning on G1's boutonniere.

Then they came up to our house and waited for me so I could take a few photos.

At my suggestion G1 opted to buy new black tennis shoes to wear with his tux. Times have changed, the shoes looked ok with the tux and G1 was comfortable on the dance floor. (I saw one girl with tennis shoes on and a couple of the girls were wearing their boots under their beautiful dresses although if you weren't paying attention you would have never known. They were wanting to be comfortable too.)

A lot of the guys were wearing their shades to the walk-in. I don't think we saw any that weren't white rimmed.

This is one of my top 2 favorite photos.

AD told G1 he could borrow the truck for prom. I wondered how G1's gf was going to manage to get in. The step stool helped.

G1 was in a hurry to get to prom. He didn't want to be late.

They weren't late. In fact they were about 10 minutes early.

AD and I were the ones that were late.

So we didn't get to see this. Daughter said when G1 picked his gf up out of the truck and set her on the ground everyone that was there said, "Aaahhhhhh!"

I wish I'd been there. I'm just glad that Daughter was able to get this photo

and this one of them walking in.

This is my most favorite photo.

After all the kids walked in, they had them all come back out and stroll down the sidewalk when their names were announced. Cameras were flashing everywhere. All they needed was a red carpet.

G1 and his gf had a great time. They went to after prom too and had fun there too.

As a granny I really liked how after prom was handled. When the kids left prom to go home and change, they had to be back at the school by midnight to catch a bus to the after prom party. When the party was over they were bussed back to the school for breakfast.The party lasted until 5am so by the time breakfast was over it was 6am. G1 and his gf thought it would have been better if the after prom party had been over about 3am. They were worn out.

But they had lots of fun and made a ton of memories. Good times!


  1. What wonderful memories! I like how the school arranged for the party and transportation. GF's dress is beautiful.

    But I have not seen any white-rimmed shades up here!

  2. What great pictures!!! What a cute grandson...You must be very proud! I like that they had a walk in and a prominade! Shades and tennis shoes...Some changes are for the better!!!

  3. Such nice photos and sounds like a well-planned event. I only went to one prom but I felt like a princess that night. That's what it's all about, I guess! G1 looks like he did a good job of making his GF feel this way.

  4. What a nice looking couple. I love the color of your grandson's tie and his blond hair! I hear you about the tennis son went to a fund raising dinner last Saturday night with tennis shoes. I couldn't believe my eyes......times have changed.....


  5. how sweet! G1 is very handsome and quite chivalrous carrying her out of the truck! The lovely girlfriend looks sweet too! Glad that lasting memories were made!

  6. Oh how cute and how exciting. Brings back so many prom memories!

  7. Her dress is so pretty...and his tux, so handsome! It is fun to read how other schools handle this night!

    Have a Happy Mother's Day Weekend. ~Natalie

  8. Beautiful. They both looked awesome. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Love her dress! The photo of him helping her out of the truck is priceless!

  10. At post full of wonderful memories for later on. Both parties did themselves proud. I understand how you feel as well. Thanks for sharing this great family event.

  11. Oh, those were the days my friend! Wonderful photos of pre-prom. Those memories are just treasures never forgotten. Ya sure got some mighty good pictures.

    Have a marvelous Mother's Day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

  12. Hey, that truck looks just like mine! I LOVE my truck.
    Great pictures of a beautiful couple!
    I'm glad they had a great time. And I love the idea of the after prom party and breakfast. Way to get those kids home safealy.

  13. Your grandson and his gf are such a cute couple!

    Love how he got her out of the truck.

    Whoever came up with the after prom party--plans--transportation--breakfast needs to market that idea to other school systems.

    What a great way to keep a fun night fun!

    AD must be a great granddaddy to loan the truck.

    Sweet dreams.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. Very sweet. I'm happy to hear about a modern way of celebrating an old tradition. The transportation/breakfast for the after party is a great idea.

  15. Great photos! They both look wonderful and prom sounds like it was safe and fun. Well done to the school.