Monday, August 29, 2011

More Weekend Celebrations

Following G1's birthday on Friday, we continued celebrating on Saturday night when he won not 1, but 2 feature races at the local dirt track.

He wins in his turf car pretty regularly and is the currently the leader in the points.

Saturday night he won his very 1st B Mod race.

While his car is technically a Sport Mod (one step below a B Mod), he races with the B Mods because the track doesn't race a Sport Mod class.

It was an exciting night to be sure!

Son, G3, G4 and Girlie were there too making it a real family celebration.

L to R: G4, Daughter, Girlie, G3, AD, G1 and a track official

Not to mention a pretty good early birthday present for Daughter, G1's mom.

She's celebrating a pretty special birthday today. It's not one of those that ends in a zero. 

It's the one where her age is exactly double of G1's.


  1. That racing does keep you & yours busy!!!

  2. Congrats to G1 on his winnings.
    Prayers for sure to all of those in the path of this storm.

  3. Chinatours29/8/11 8:43 PM

    Congratulations, while I am wondering it is allowed to race for kids?

  4. What fun!!! I can't believe he fits in that little white one! Are his knees on his chin?

    Still don't think I could watch anyone I know and love race though.... my nails would be non-existent!!!

  5. What fun! Congrats to you GSLove on his winnings! :) :) :)


  6. Chinatours, The answer to your question is yes, but it does depend on the rules of the track where you are racing. Right now there is an 11 year old racing a turf car (like the white one in the first photo) at our local track.

    Our 2 oldest grandsons started racing what is called go-karts when the youngest one was about 11 and the oldest was 13. They started racing full-sized cars when they were 12 and 14. They are now 16 1/2 and 19.

  7. Here's to many more wins in the future, you must be such a proud granny.